1. Coksic

    Stroll Moon, sky, clouds...

    A little over 10 years ago, I bought my first interchangeable lens camera. Over those 10 years I developed somewhat of an affinity for images of clouds, Moon etc.. Here, I'd like to show a few images that I made during the strolls (not in any chronological order)..
  2. Jock Elliott

    Micro 4/3 Quick . . . the sky is on fire

    Waaaay out west . . . western New York State, that is, my sister-in-law was opening the living room drapes, when the spotter-in-chief (aka better half), practically shouts, "Quick, look at that sky! Get your camera!" I'm lolling in a recliner, in my jammies, "Hurry up!" she says as I struggle...
  3. Jock Elliott

    Micro 4/3 The Alps of the Sky

    Adirondack Northway this AM, northbound for church. The better half says, "Look, the Alps of the Sky!" Nuff said. The foul weather camera strikes again. Cheers, Jock
  4. Jock Elliott

    Micro 4/3 Another sky party this evening . . .

    Cheers, Jock
  5. Jock Elliott

    Sony RX 10 sky freak panorama

    Five panels shot at the overlook at Oakwood Cemetery today, stitched together with ICE. For a sense of scale, check the spire about 1/3 from left edge. Cheers, Jock Cheers, Jock
  6. Mike G

    Nature Mackeral Sky maybe?

    I'm not sure if this is a Mackeral Sky? Nikon Z6 + Nikkor 24-70mm @ 1/2000 f4 ISO100.
  7. Jock Elliott

    Superzoom sky

    Okay, I'll admit it; I am an unrepentant, not-in-the-12-step-program sky junkie. A few minutes ago my better half (aka, the spotter-in-chief) said, "Look at that sky!" 'Nuff said. Cheers, Jock
  8. SIJ 2015 - Day 17

    SIJ 2015 - Day 17

    Haloed. 4000s f/9 ISO200 shot at 40mm. It was a beautiful, beautiful day yesterday. Got up to 50F I believe. So I took a walk outside as there was some really neat clouds passing by. And I mean passing by, they didn't stick around in one place too long. I noticed the sun was at the perfect...
  9. SIJ 2015 - Day 14

    SIJ 2015 - Day 14

    Breaking The Sky. 1/4000s f/7.1 ISO200 Shot at 40mm. Had very interesting cloud coverage on the 14th. And my go to tree was there to make it a neat shot. I had a hard time deciding between this one and 2 others. One almost exactly like this but a lot brighter and the other was in landscape...
  10. SIJ 2015 - Day 10

    SIJ 2015 - Day 10

    Riding The Sunset. 0.5s f/4 ISO500 shot at 50mm. Spent most of the day driving/riding in the car so didn't have a whole lot of opportunities to shoot. But as the sun was setting, I had to get a few shots of it as the colors were stunning. So I resorted to a slower shutter speed and got some...
  11. SIJ 2015 - Day 6

    SIJ 2015 - Day 6

    Frozen Sunset 1/250s F/4 ISO320 Shot at 40mm I started out getting some close ups of various things around the yard covered in snow for my safety shots. As the day progressed it looked like there might be a nice sunset. It was cloudy but it was a thin layer. A little after 4 I looked...
  12. SIJ 2015 - Day 5

    SIJ 2015 - Day 5

    Through Glass. 1/320s f/4.5 ISO200 shot at 53mm. It was a beautiful morning sky this morning and I was expecting another cloudy day. I wish I would have been up earlier to get out and catch the sunrise. It would have been miserable though close to below zero but I think it would have been...
  13. Skies with character

    Skies with character

  14. Skies with character

    Skies with character

  15. Skies with character

    Skies with character

  16. Skies with character

    Skies with character

  17. Skies with character

    Skies with character

  18. The sun sinks below the wide horizon

    The sun sinks below the wide horizon

  19. Towering upwards

    Towering upwards

  20. Shaped by the wind

    Shaped by the wind

  21. Sunset at Sambhar Lake

    Sunset at Sambhar Lake

    Photographed in RAW with a Canon PowerShot G9
  22. trees in rge sky

    trees in rge sky

    trees in rge sky
  23. trees in rge sky

    trees in rge sky

    trees in rge sky