1. QBI

    Skylum Luminar - Support UKRAINE

    Dear Cameraderie Members, I'm the last guy to get in to politics - I avoid it like the plague. But this Ukraine invasion has got under my skin. How can there be a war in Europe in the 21st Century? How is that possible? Anyway my favourite plug-in photo processing software is Luminar from...
  2. theoldsmithy

    Aurora HDR 2018 for free!

    Courtesy of Amateur Photographer magazine.... go to
  3. Kevin

    Photolemur 3 by Skylum - Free

    Not sure the story behind this one but you can grab a free license for Photolemur 3 by Sklyum at the moment. Just enter your email and you'll get a license key sent to you. Here's the info' on the actual application, available for both Windows & Mac. Note...
  4. Easily Change EYE COLOR with Luminar | 4 Minute Tutorial

    Easily Change EYE COLOR with Luminar | 4 Minute Tutorial

    START FREE TRIAL: In this video, you will learn how to selectively apply the Photo Filter to easily change eyes to any color, teaching the concept of global vs local change.
  5. Bobby T

    Fuji Free copy of Skylum 3 for Fujifilm Lens owners!

    Skylum is giving away copies of Skylum 3 to Fuji users. You have to enter the serial number from a lens to qualify. It did not take the serial number from my 23mm 1.4 for some reason. But the 35mm serial number went through, so it does work...
  6. Covey22

    Skylum Users - Shutterfly App and Four Free 8 x 10 Prints - Check your e-mails

    I got the e-mail as a Skylum User - for installing the Shutterfly App, I got four free 8 x 10 prints on Art Paper Stock in a promo code. You just pay S&H, which is pretty neat since an average cost for the prints alone is over 75 USD without any frames or frills. Ironically, the Store itself...
  7. jyc860923

    Anyone successfully got a refund for Luminar? [Now they refunded]

    After seeing the reviews I purchased the Luminar today, it's a Luminar 3 license, the 2018 license is no longer in store. The problem is, Luminar 3 can't open any image on my Windows 10 PC, not JPG, not DNG. I tried Luminar 2018 in trial mode and it works, but I can't activate 2018 version...
  8. Kevin

    Aurora HD 2019 for just $79 during the holidays using our community coupon code!

    During the Luminar 3 pre-order period you were able to get it for just $49 using our community coupon code. Now you can get Aurora HD 2019 for just $79 during the holidays! Aurora HDR 2019 is normally $99 but until January 8 it is on sale for $89. Now the fun part... use our "CAMERADERIE"...
  9. mnhoj

    Luminar and Affinity

    So I really like Luminar 3 and with it's new DAM it's a potential viable all in one solution for me. I just bought Affinity(on sale btw :D). I want to send an image to Affinity but I can't seem to find a way. There are options to "open in" Photoshop, apple photos, Elements, LR. Seems a little...
  10. Jock Elliott

    Luminar by Skylum

    Just downloaded Luminar for Windows beta from here: Luminar for Windows (beta) is live! Try it free today. So far, I find it is pretty interesting. With a couple of clicks, I was able to go from here: To this: The interface is a little like dealing with a mime -- little pictures and...