1. mike3996

    Nikon Shift happens in SLR world too

    So out of curiosity I read a couple of Nikkor lens reviews. Focus shift was mentioned. What's the exact way one is supposed to go about it shooting a (D)SLR? After all, focus happens wide open and then it closes for exposing. Does one just hold the aperture preview button while...
  2. JoeLopez

    Fuji Other 35mm film shooters here?

    I dusted off my original owner Minolta XG-1 in 2015 and started shooting 35mm film again. Retired the XG1 to the shelf and current shooters are a Nikon FE2 & F3/T along with a Yashica Electro 365 GSN rangefinder. What 35mm film cameras are you shooting?
  3. theoldsmithy

    Film Dynax 5

    Not bad for £12.52!