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  1. davect01

    Samsung Note 8 First "Real" Shot

    I just got this phone and this is the first shot in manual mode. Pretty respectable
  2. Cameraderie Bot

    Oppo phone with 10x optical zoom camera, with 2x digital zoom (so 20x total), will launch Spring of 2019

    Managing Director for OPPO Australia Michael Tran said that "with 10x lossless zoom, our mission was to develop a camera technology that would bring customers closer and let them capture content in a way that no other smartphone manufacturer has to date. We believe we’ve achieved that." "The...
  3. P

    Huawei P20 Pro Cell Phone Night Mode

    Took this shot this evening of the Shard in London. Hand held, night mode on the P20 Pro. Pretty impressive piece of kit I'd say. The Shard - Huawei P20 Pro by Pete Tachauer, on Flickr
  4. melanieylang

    Samsung A camera to compare with (and better) Samsung S8 phone

    Hello all, With friends around me snapping away with their S8 (and even as far back as S4) phone cameras, I am often left with that Gah! taste in my mouth when I see how well their shots turn out. I don't really want a fabulous smartphone camera, as it would be too easy to stop carrying my...
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