1. Roboticspro

    Sports Girls High School Soccer

    Good Afternoon, My high school team during a "flying warm-up" just for the photographer; even the coach was impressed...:) Regards, Edd
  2. Roboticspro

    Sports Women's NCAA Division III Soccer

    Good Evening, A former student of mine, now at Union College (NY) majoring in Biomedical Engineering, played a match against Lasell College (Newton, MA). Using one of my Canon 7D's with over 340,000 clicks along with a Canon 1D Mark IV, I managed to take about 2400 photos over the 90 minutes of...
  3. Soccer "landscape"

    Soccer "landscape"

    Heavily cropped view that accentuates the balance and horizontalness (!!!) of the scene. Taken on a foggy morning with 40-150 M.Zuiko at full power.