1. Glevum Owl

    Moving from Adobe: the story so far

    I'm done with Adobe. Up until recently I defended them and their offerings, tolerated the bugs unfixed for years, put up with that distracting line around the full screen images in LR, worked through the constant changes to the UI necessitating me relearning where commons tools now were, spent...
  2. Robmas4229

    Looking for a simple PP workflow

    I recently purchased a new laptop, with sufficient specs to run Lightroom Classic with plenty of RAM and processing capabilities to spare. I then signed up for the creative cloud package with LrC, LR and PS. Basic plan without the additional cloud storage as I already have Onedrive cloud storage...
  3. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Adobe is trying to steal users data in Terms of Service For those who don't want to click on links or read news articles: Adobe's new Terms of Service tells uses that Adobe is allowed to access your content through manual and automatic processes for review...
  4. drd1135

    Denoise suddenly faster in ACR

    I have an M1 Mac Mini running PS/ACR. I noticed a few days ago that the denoise feature in ACR is suddenly running much faster, e.g. 2 minutes down to 30 seconds. I normally just click on the upgrades when they arrive, so I feel I missed something. Anyone else experience this? Obviously, it’s...
  5. Glevum Owl

    Affinity (Serif) Sold

    Anyone else notice that UK based Serif, makers of PS alternative Affinity Photo, were bought out by Australian company Canva? I’m puzzled as to why there is nothing on the forum about this. Too few Affinity Photo users here? Or are we all happy with the alternatives?
  6. Bozzie

    CF card adapter question

    Hi This may sound like an odd question, but I have recently purchased an old Sony A100 which takes a CF card, which I am expecting any day now. If I bought a CF card / micro sd card adapter, (as my tablet only has a micro sd card slot) would this impair the image quality at all, or is it just a...
  7. agentlossing

    Software Camera Profiles in RAW Processing Software

    One of the things I have run into using somewhat less popular cameras (Ricoh, Pentax, Panasonic) is the lack of closely matching profiles when importing RAWs into software, be it Lightroom or DXO PhotoLab. It's evident when first importing a file, when it shifts to a rather ugly and flat file...
  8. olskool

    which lightroom?

    i am new here. i have been a film photographer since Moby dick was a minnow. i switched to digital about 20 years ago, but i have never in my life used a program to enhance my images. i want one now, they have several and i have no clue really. i am of course an amateur photographer and fair...
  9. Irene McC

    Conflicted. Adobe looks better than Capture One's edit

    Sigh. Deeeeep sigh. I used to be a huge evangelist for Lightroom but when I switched to using mainly Fuji, I bought into Capture One (2017) and invested heavily in annual upgrades for a perpetual license. I currently have only really old Photoshop and don't intend to go on the monthly...
  10. Brownie


    Was shooting a presentation event for a friend. Got down to the last photo, probably the most critical one, and this old guy walks into the frame. I don't usually shoot these kinds of photos, and never even noticed him until I uploaded the shots. I tried everything I could think of to fix...
  11. doobs

    Capture One Lays Off Staff

    Who didn't see this coming?
  12. Glevum Owl

    A Lightroom Reality Check

    I'm the only person I know in the non-digital world using Lightroom Classic so would appreciate a reality check on my perception. Is it me or is LR's face recognition function getting worse? I have memories of it finding 90% of faces. Then a few updates ago the recognition rate fell to below...
  13. gryphon1911

    Software Sony Memory Stick Reader Info

    Just FYI - As a lot of you may already know, I've been experimenting with some vintage early 2000 digital cameras. 2 of which are Sony (F828 and R1) and they both came with Memory Stick cards. I tried connecting up the camera itself to the computer to download the images - but had no luck. I...
  14. I

    Micro 4/3 I made a software to find settings that match the JPEG output between cameras

    And I used it to replicate some of Fujifilm's film simulations on the Olympus Pen-F. The Pen-F is quite unique (along with its younger sister, the E-P7) in that it allows a lot of control over JPEG output in-camera. It's the only camera that I know of, besides smartphones and phone-camera...
  15. SONIC

    How do I recover photos from my camera after accidentally formatting my SD card?

    Hello! I have encountered an unpleasant event. Accidentally formatted the memory card on my camera. And all my photos are gone. After a bit of google, I realised that you need special programs to recover photos. I even tried a few but didn't achieve the desired result .... Does anyone know how...
  16. doobs

    Capture One deprecating their Express packages

    Well, I guess this shouldn't come as a huge surprise based on the recent licensing changes: Capture One Express Deprecation FAQ My exposure to C1 came about through the Fuji version years ago. It's becoming clear that corporate has abandoned amateur user market. Unfortunate. I'll use my...
  17. Irene McC

    New version of Lightroom looks more intuitive to use

    I've switched from Adobe to Capture One in 2017, but prior to that I was a devoted Lightroom user and still follow their updates. This video by Matt Kloskowski makes the recently released version look very tempting. I hope this link works - watch the little video and enlarge it to full screen...
  18. Peano

    Software Can you solve this Photoshop puzzle?

    Here's a puzzle I can't solve. I'm running Photoshop 25.1.0. When I launch it, instead of getting my default workspace, I get the Home screen saying I don't have any cloud files (because I don't use the cloud). I have to click the PS icon at top left to get to my workspace. I've tried...
  19. C

    topaz Black Friday deal

    All their stuff for $300....Video and Still. Seems like a good deal. . Do you use it, and if so how do you like it?
  20. Brownie

    Fun with editing

    Took a walk today to shoot some Halloween and fall colors. This guy was in front of a store, part of our town's Downtown Scarecrow competition among businesses. I liked the shot, but too much junk. Decided to see if it could be saved. The color shot is a SOOC jpeg. All editing done in...
  21. Peano

    Software New computer questions

    My old computer died and I'm about to order a new Dell, probably this one. I'll be using the latest version of Photoshop, and probably also Topaz AI (I've impressed with what it can do). One question is whether there would be any significant difference between these two graphics cards: NVIDIA...
  22. Glevum Owl

    Software Recovery Software

    Not sure if this belongs here but I couldn’t see a more suitable area. Apologies if it’s in the wrong place. I stupidly erased all the images from SD card before I’d manually copied off a few .MOV files. I thought it’d be no problem as I have a data recovery program on my PC; Bitmart Restorer...
  23. Kevin

    AI Are there EXIF or any metadata tags for "AI" applications?

    A conversation about Photoshop's "Generative" fill features got me going down the proverbial rabbit hole and I ended up playing around with it to have some fun experiment. I was surprised by how easily I could start with a literal blank canvas in PS and then use the generative tools to generate...
  24. olli

    October 2023 Lightroom Update

    I just updated to the latest version of Lightroom Classic. While a lot of the focus has been on the Lens Blur and HDR features, the really significant update for me is the Point Colour setting. Not only does this allow very fine-grained control of HSL globally, it also works on local adjustments...
  25. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Photoshop's Generative Content Aware is amazing and powerful!

    I haven't been much of a Photoshop editor, Lightroom is 99% good enough for me, but when I need advanced features like Focus Stacking, Advanced Cloning, and Content-Aware Fill, it's my go-to software (well also because of the easy Edit-In ability of Lightroom). I used the Quick Select Tool and...
  26. Cederic

    Lightroom vs OM Workspace

    I was just checking something and found that Lightroom and OM Workspace don't display a RAW photograph from an OM-1 the same: (Same image on both sides - OM-1, OM 150-400 Pro at ISO25600, 188mm, f5.6, 1/400) One of them looks like it's reducing noise on import. I'm not sure that's a good...
  27. doobs

    EXIF "management"

    So, I've got a storied past when it comes to exif data in conjunction with DAM software. Many, many moons ago I bought a copy of iMatch. Used it (or attempted to) feverishly until the rot set in. In the early days a goodly amount of the functionality of iMatch was add-ins which were poorly...
  28. Toddster

    Need help understanding LR presets

    I am using Lightroom (not Lightroom classic) however this behavior seems to be the same on both platforms (I have LR Classic but only use it as a DAM). In LR there is a preset called "Adobe Color + Lens + NR" (it is in the Basics/Defaults folder in LR and in Defaults in LrC). It seems to use...
  29. doobs

    Workflow revisited

    Good morning all, My workflow has evolved over the years. Currently, thanks to the inadequacies of cataloging in Capture One, my workflow is such: Ingest using LightRoom. My three Fuji's are all supported by LR v6.14, so I use this, pretty much as I've done since I bought it to ingest photos...
  30. drd1135

    Does better PP software mean you can buy a cheaper camera? Half laughing but maybe a hint of half serious. I could buy an X-S20 instead of an X-T5. What think y’all?
  31. Glevum Owl

    LR’s Camera

    I’ve just discovered that LR on my iPhone has a camera that shoots RAW (DNG). Why did I not know this? Early days using it but editing on the phone then uploading to my Adobe account was easy. Tomorrow, I’ll be checking out the rest of the process: downloading from Adobe for further tweaking...
  32. Toddster

    Compare an image standard vs. enhanced processing

    This thread was started with the purpose of posting two copies of the same image. One with traditional processing and one with "enhanced" or "AI" processing. I started it to observe the difference once an image is posted and viewed on different devices. Others are certainly welcome to do the...
  33. Punkie

    Lightzone is still alive!!

    Lightzone is not dead!! It was further all years developed as freeware and it has now stable version4.2.4 and development version 5.0.0 beta1 It can be downloaded from GITHUB. When you search there you find it. After other people were developing , it is now further developed by Masahiro...
  34. Stu

    Luminar Neo [1.63] Powerline Removal

    Luminar Neo's one click powerline removal tool is pretty nifty! Not always perfect but in this case did a pretty good job, particularly where the lines run into the tree branches.
  35. Phil.H

    Advice Wanted New Lightroom/Photoshop user.

    I have been using DxO photolab for a few years now to edit my raw files. I've only had lightroom for a around a week and only edited a few images. I used a Tiff exported from DxO PL5 after doing the basic corrections. To get the most out of Lightroom would I be better using my Olympus raw files?
  36. Glevum Owl

    AI in PS

    So, anyone else tried the AI feature in the latest PS beta? Thoughts?
  37. doobs

    Capture One "Suspended User"

    So, I've not been able to access the user forum at Capture One for a bit, couple of weeks. I've sent them notice about it to no response. Today I logged into my account, no problem, and then migrated to the user forum. As has been the case recently, I get the "Please sign in to leave a...
  38. S

    On1 Photo Raw 2023 vs ACDSee and Topaz Photo AI combo 2023

    Attached is a photo of a photo that I processed both in On1 Photo Raw and in ACDSee with sharpening and Denoise handled by Topaz Photo AI. I tried to duplicate the same overall luminance and color in both, and "sorta" tried to duplicate the cropping level. Shot with an Olympus EM10 and a kit...
  39. S

    Fake Bokeh alteration

    Useful at times for everyone, I suspect! This technique should be usable for non ACDSee users whose editors come equipped with a similar set of tools.
  40. wt21

    Photo backup headaches (Lightroom on Mac with Dropbox)

    I have maintained a local dropbox folder for years without issues. Suddenly, all my files were removed from my local drive to "save space" and sent into the dropbox cloud where they are now "easy to retrieve." Thanks Dropbox!! Except it breaks the Lightroom operation. Lightroom doesn't see the...
  41. dermaus

    Advice Wanted Photoshop Borders

    No luck on the social interwebs, so thought I'd solicit the brain trust here. I often create a border around my images before I post to social media sites like Facebook. Lately, I've wanted to play around with different border styles and was looking to create a polaroid-style border around an...
  42. S

    Software A move to On1 for m43s processing

    This is cross posted from "m43s Talk" which I recently joined after the DPR announcement. I'd like a wider demographic than just m43s users, I think. I have long been a strong advocate of ACDSee. And I still am, sort of. I think it still has the fastest, most complete DAM on the market. But, I...
  43. Glevum Owl

    Fisheye-Hemi Plugin

    Does anyone know what happened to this plugin or, more importantly, from where it can be obtained, please? The site I had bookmarked,, has disappeared.
  44. Darmok N Jalad

    Fuji Your Fuji photo editor of choice?

    I've been checking out various softwares for editing RAFs from my X-T3. I'm curious what other Fuji shooters are using since the X-Trans sensor seems to not be handled so equally. I like ON1 2023 for overall output and ease of use, but it's a bit sluggish on MacOS. It can use the default film...
  45. Toddster

    Big LR update- AI NR (Lightroom and Classic)

    Yesterday (April 18, 2023) Adobe entered the modern noise removal arena. Yesterday’s release includes real AI noise reduction in Lightroom and Lightroom Classic. I have been a big fan of DxO Photo Lab for the Deep Prime noise reduction. Until now I think it has been the best there is with Topaz...
  46. Phocal

    LR AI DeNoise vs Topaz AI DeNoise

    A month or so ago, I needed some help to rescue some portraits I had done during a Northern Lights tour. After downloading several different trials, I ended up going with Topaz Photo AI. I found it to work really well on people in my portraits as well as for my Northern Light Photos. But I was...
  47. bastibe

    The quest for a DAM

    So for years I've been using Digikam as my DAM. It's a fine program in many ways. But one way that's lacking is face identification. It can find faces relatively reliably, but can't recognize previously seen faces almost at all. So when I recently tried out ACDSee, it was quite a revelation to...
  48. hooferinsane

    Photoshop flickering issue

    Did anyone in the last update of Photoshop develop a flashing screen on opening the image? I disabled 'use graphics processor' in preferences, which has solved the problem, but just wondering if there is a different fix for this as want to use the graphics card to process. Btw graphics cards are...
  49. Walter Palmer

    Chrome OS editing software for Chrome OS?

    What real editing software is available for the Chrome OS? I use Photoshop on my desktop and laptop, but I haven't yet found a version for Chrome that is "real". There is a Photoshop Express, but it appears to only do generic edits - like you would expect from a phone image editor. Is there...
  50. Glevum Owl

    DxO Colour Shift Under Mac Ventura

    I had a little piece of good news today. When updating DxO PL6 I saw the following in the 'What's New' details: Known limitations Important: the Apple Neural Engine, under macOS Ventura, currently produces color shifts. We temporarily recommend using the GPU to avoid such issue. DxO is working...