sony showcase

  1. Brownie

    Sony Showcase Sony A1 and Minolta 28-135

    Was playing around with some file sizes in the camera, so thought I'd play with an old favorite lens. Kind of surprising how it holds up on a high-res sensor, but they do start to fall apart with too much cropping. These are not full res.
  2. mnhoj

    Sony Showcase Tamron 17-50 F4

    An interesting focal range for sure. It won't rate at DxO but I find its performance very good. Especially considering its attributes. I really enjoyed the 20-40 and while I initially missed the idea of having F2.8, I can see this being more useful and convenient.
  3. mnhoj

    Sony Showcase Tamron 20-40mm F2.8

    I'm really liking this lens. The focal range is less wide but a little longer. Not remarkable on it's own but add it's size, price, performance and it's a winner in my book. The first samples are from American Honda Motor's Cars, Bikes and Coffee Event this morning in Torrance, CA. Oh and I did...
  4. Brownie

    Sony Showcase Tamron 50-400mm F4.5-6.3 Di III VXD

    I remember when this lens was announced thinking it would be nice to have the extra 50mm below the standard 100-400 lenses. I didn't think about it much more until a few weeks ago when I started wishing for that added 50mm while shooting and rediscovered it while window shopping. It's shaping...
  5. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Sony Showcase Sony FE 28mm f 2

    I have it only for one day so these are initial observations. The threasld can be used as a showcase for the lens as well (I was surprised there wasn't one open give how old the lens is). Very beautiful rendition of the background at minimum focus. A very mild swirly bokeh at the edges (less...
  6. Brownie

    Sony Showcase Samyang 24/1.8

    Kind of impressed. This is a nice compact little lens and seems to be pretty sharp. I had need for a wide/fast and this fills the bill nicely. B&H has these on sale for $400. DSC01251 by telecast, on Flickr DSC01260 by telecast, on Flickr DSC01265 by telecast, on Flickr DSC01277 by...
  7. D

    Sony Showcase Thistle & Bluebells

  8. AlwaysOnAuto

    Sony Showcase Sony FE 4/24-105 G OSS

    I thought we should have a thread for this lens. It has hardly been off at least one of my cameras ever since I got it. It's my 'Do everything lens' that is just right for a one lens one camera day out shooting, IMO. and of course it does cars as well...
  9. The Electric Squirrel

    Sony Showcase Tamron 28-200 f/2.8-5.6 Di III RXD FE-mount showcase

    I remember back when superzooms were just for convenience, not image quality. Heck, zooms in general were compromising greatly on IQ back in the days of the film era, even in the very end of it. So now that I've used this Tamron 28-200 superzoom for Sony FE-mount for a while, I'm still quite...
  10. AlwaysOnAuto

    Sony Showcase Sony 2.8/90 MACRO G OSS

    Thought I'd start a showcase for this lens.
  11. AlwaysOnAuto

    Sony Showcase Sony FE 3.5-5.6/28-70

    Yeah, the 'kit' lens that doesn't get much love it seems. I guess I'm easy to please.
  12. Ad Dieleman

    Sony Showcase Sony FE 28-60mm 1:4-5.6

    Bought this lens a few hours ago and here are a few samples from a street shoot on the way back home, stopping by in the city center which is my usual hunting ground. Someone's not happy with me snapping :) Tiny crop. Lens holding up quite well.
  13. mnhoj

    Sony Showcase Tamron budget F2.8 primes

    Sharp, cheap, lightweight and close focus. They could be smaller and focus could be smoother. The 24. A crop.
  14. jyc860923

    Sony Showcase Tamron 17-70 f2.8

    Here are the first shots I've taken with the newly arrived Tamron 17-70 2.8, I'm really impressed by how confident and reliable the auto focus is, even in very low light.
  15. jyc860923

    Sony Showcase Sony 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS PZ

    That's right, the lens that many own but not talked about, I'll start with this.
  16. jyc860923

    Sony Showcase Sigma 30mm f/1.4 DC DN images thread

    Slightly cropped, both taken with the 30 1.4 stopped down, lens firmware upgraded to the v03 and AF is about the same or faster than the Sony 50mm 1.8 OSS lens, which is not ideal for fast moving subjects.
  17. jyc860923

    Sony Showcase Sony E 50mm F1.8 OSS images thread

    This was the first lens I got for my Sony system. I took this photo at the subway during peak hour, the lady wearing a speaker probably has got the easiest job, to tell people to wait for the next train, luckily we don't have those "pushers" you see in Japan or even Beijing these days. Here she is.