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  1. Covey22

    Sony The new Wakizashi (Katana)

    Looks like someone just usurped the Fuji 90mm as the new Wakizashi (Katana) of sharp short teles. https://www.lensrentals.com/blog/2019/03/sony-fe-135mm-f1-8-gm-early-mtf-results/ Roger's Comments: As is sometimes the case, I got access to a couple of pre-release copies of the new Sony FE...
  2. gryphon1911

    Eye/Face Detect Test - Canon EOS R, Fuji X-T3, Nikon Z6, Sony a9, Sony a7 III and Sony a6400

    Found this Youtube video. thought it interesting. They tested the eye/face detect functions of the following cameras: Canon EOS R, Fuji X-T3, Nikon Z6, Sony a9, Sony a7 III and Sony a6400 It is 20 minutes long, but if you scroll through the timeline bar, you'll see the thumbnails fear each...
  3. Christop82

    Sony Tamron 28-75 A7II

    I've had a 7ii for awhile and never really tested the CAF. After picking up the tamron I gave it a try at a high school basketball game. I was very impressed at how accurate, quick and silent it was. There was no hunting or pulsing and lens performed great. Here's a few shots, nothing noteworthy...
  4. Antonio Correia

    Sony Moving to Sony

    I currently have a bunch of m43 lenses and two 5 Mk II but I am not satisfied because of the quality of the images. Not that they are bad, but rather I find the ones from Sony to be far better with more colour rendition, sharpness and so on. They just please me more to the eye that's all. 1. I...
  5. MoonMind

    Sony A small, but significant observation using Samyang lenses ...

    For all users of the Samyang 35mm f/2.8 FE (at least if you have the latest firmware, version "03"): The lens focuses much faster and more accurately if you *switch off" Pre-AF on your Sony A7 II; I guess that's probably true for all Sony cameras, at least those with hybrid AF. I don't know why...
  6. M

    Do you think APS-C Sony has any future?

    Sony has been aggressively focusing on FF cameras, and so far it seems like it was the right call. Now the A6xxx series feels a bit neglected, not to mention the lens selection. What do you Sony shooters reckon?
  7. Lightmancer

    RX100 - it's going back...

    Currently sitting around a pool on Ischia, my thoughts turn to toying with the idea of something tiny and high quality. m4/3 is not for me, so in today's market that means Sony. I'm happy with a 2x zoom, and value lens speed over reach. I want decent jpgs with the ability to capture raw for...
  8. Lightmancer

    Seen this...? The RX100VA debuts.

    Another new Sony! The RX100 VA is Announced! – Steve Huff Photo
  9. F

    Asking for a friend

    A friend of mine has a Sony A5100. She recently found a canon film camera with a couple EF autofocus lens. I know they're not the best but I told her she should get an adapter to use the lens on her sony. I doubt there would be any AF function with these old lens but is there any apeture...
  10. drd1135

    Sony A7 as a second camera

    The Sony A7 (the original) is pretty cheap right now. The 50 1.4 is also pretty cheap. Is the combo worth it as a low light non-action camera? I have no experience with Sony FF so i’m looking for advice from real users. I’ve already looked at the old reviews.
  11. chickenherby

    venice with the rx1r

    some pics from the beautiful town of venice.was there with a group and have no pics with morning or evening light.
  12. D


    Anyone here with the A7iii? Ive been looking at the A7iii, on line not physically since I cant find one in a store and Im impressed so far.
  13. theoldsmithy

    RX100 Mk VI

    This looks like a very nice little device indeed. But £1150? Sony announces Cyber-shot RX100 VI with 24-200mm zoom
  14. M. Valdemar

    Ancient lens on Sony A7II

    I always buy weird old lenses I find at flea markets, yard sales, etc. I must have bought this one lens I have decades ago and kept it in my "junk box". While going through these lenses lately, I discovered I had an old lens, that I probably paid five dollars or so for. Looking it up, I...
  15. P

    Picture A7M2 with Canon 17-40L Glass

    Looks a bit unwieldy, but actually suits me for balance. I can tuck my left elbow into my hip, grasp the belly of the lens in my left hand and I use back focus setup which also helps to grip. Auto-Focus seems as fast as on a Canon. Manual focus works well and the peaking is very clear. Sony...
  16. P

    First Outing with A7M2

    Not my finest.......just getting used to the handling. Took the A7M2 Canon 17-40L into the City to test it out. Didn't do much in the way of street work and it was latie'ish when I got there so light wasn't at its best. I also felt quite exposed lumping the kit about for street work. Oh well...
  17. P

    Got me an A7M2

    Just fell for the Sony A7M2 at Wex in London. With cash back it is just about £800 which, to my mind, is great value for a full frame camera of this age. It joins my A6300. I have ordered the sigma converter to put my Canon 17-40L lens on it. It works, I tried it out in the store. Hopefully...
  18. I

    Wireless auto import

    Hello, Is there a way to wirelessly import photos straight into Mac Photo? I can wirelessly import photos into a folder on my Mac but would like to have them go straight into the Mac's Photo app. Thanks, Igor
  19. Covey22

    Sony HX80 Superzoom Range

    Very useful even on a cloudy day. From 24mm to 720mm fully racked out.
  20. Grokgod

    What Sony native lens has the best MICRO CONTRAST?

    Above photo with Rx1 35mm 2.8 Preordered a new Sony A7R3 after my RX1 broke :-( So instead of buying a old Sony RX1r2 I opted for the new A7R Question is, what will be my first lens and how close can I come to the RX1 in image quality and most important to me, micro contrast. Potentially my...
  21. G

    What is wrong

    RX100 III Endrer ikke skjermen for selfies
  22. theoldsmithy

    Cornwall - image heavy

    A changeable week in Cornwall - mostly fine weather but a couple of gloomy, drizzly days. The grand plan was to introduce Inky to the sea (having never seen it before). At first she was ok with the beach, then terror took over as she saw and heard the big wet roary thing. So we stuck to the...
  23. Aushiker

    DPReview on the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10

    Hands-on with the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 IV
  24. R

    New Sony Rx100 V is showing banding in videos

    Hey all, Just got myself a new Sony Rx100 V for an upcoming trip. Took it out this weekend to a family event and took some video. I literally opened the box up in the morning, threw on the lcd protector and ran out the door. Everything was default setting. When I went to review on my...
  25. bones

    Polariser/RX100 3

    Hi,can anyone confirm if Magfilter CPL is good quality? and does it vignette at 24mm? thanks
  26. Plaatje

    My girlfriend's new cam is a Sony HX80 . . .

    De Tuinen van Appeltern by un known, on Flickr and she is happy!
  27. K

    Worth Considering ? Sony RX1R

    Hi, Is the now 'old' RX1R a good used buy compared to other similar full frame compacts / I currently use a Pen-F with various lenses and wondered if the extra pixels would make a real difference, I don't mind the fixed lens as I feel it would provide me with a different way of looking and being...
  28. F

    Reassembling my rx100m3, Don't know what this piece is

    Hi guys, my friend dropped my rx100m3 down rock faces down into a lake and I quickly picked it up within 20 seconds. I took apart my rx100 to a certain point (not that far just took apart the LCD back to see how much water was inside) I was following a video on youtube, and a black piece of...
  29. P

    Sony RX100V Aperture stuck

    My Sony RX100V seems to have a stuck aperture. As in, it's stuck wide open. I'd researched this before, and someone suggested resetting the camera, and that seemed to work. But it's back again, and a reset and even initializing the camera didn't fix it. In full manual, if I adjust the aperture...
  30. kennethcooke

    Worth a look?

    50 Free Photo Tips
  31. kennethcooke

    Sony a9 Review

    First Impressions of the New Sony a9
  32. kennethcooke

    a 7R ll and Leica M lenses

    A7RII with Leica M lenses I also quote this report Phillip's Take Photo Tech If there’s one camera that’s never failed to impress me, it’s the Sony A7R II. There’s nothing more exciting than a high-resolution camera that can be adapted to Leica M lenses and also add in image stabilization...
  33. kennethcooke

    Sony a7R ll Guides

    Recommended Sony A7R II Settings
  34. kennethcooke

    List of generic lenses for a7Rll

    Ultimate Fullframe E-mount FE Lens Guide for Sony a7 & a9 Cameras I very much fancy the short Zoom 24/70 f2.8 GM Lens And the 85 f1.4 GM Lens
  35. kennethcooke

    Working with images downloaded into Play Memories

    I have downloaded some images from my a7R ll into Play Memories but I cannot seem to do anything else with them. I guess I would like to export them into Photoshop Elements, but this is where I am lacking in knowledge. As I mentioned, I am, as far as digital processes are concerned, very much a...
  36. kennethcooke

    Review a7R ll

    Sony a7RII Field Test Review - Part 1
  37. kennethcooke

    This is a friends site

    It's hard to tell that they are taken using digital technologies Ando Fuchs - p h o t o g r a p h y
  38. kennethcooke

    Some stunning climbing photographs here

    DESTINATION GUIDE: Liming - China's Best Kept Secret UKC Photos - Top 200 Gallery
  39. kennethcooke

    My Novaflex adaptor arrived today

    Sony E Mount to Leica M lenses, tried it on my 24mm, 50mm and 75mm really good works fine coupled to my a7R ll body Novoflex - Products This also looked interesting, also from Novaflex, it could work well to convert a standard lens into a shift lens, and also have macro applications Novoflex...
  40. kennethcooke

    I don't believe a man can have too many bags?

    I guess I must be the Imelda Marcos of bags, but I always find new and interesting ways of transporting gear. Camera Bags, Climbing Sacs, Tote Bags, FieldBags and Holdalls. This sight might just inspire you, t did me? Camera bags, Filson Magnum, - WannAccess
  41. kennethcooke

    Some of the finest accessories to pamper your treasured kit?

    I love this brand, expensive, yes, but I think as good as it gets. I bought one of these straps for my new a7R ll and I am possibly more enamoured with it than the camera. Japanese Silk, the tradition and craft involved in making these beautiful straps is 1,000 old dating buck to the Samurai...
  42. kennethcooke

    This was a useful intro on the Sony a7R ll?

    15 Tips for Getting The Most Out of Your Sony a7rii
  43. kennethcooke

    A grip at a fraction of the price?

    Reads well, respected brand? Haoge Vertical Shoot QR Quick Release L Plate Camera: Amazon.co.uk: Camera & Photo
  44. kennethcooke

    Screen Protector?

    How tough is the screen on the a7R ll ? or would it benefit from a screen protector? Sony PCK-LM15 Screen Protector for Camera: Amazon.co.uk: Camera & Photo
  45. kennethcooke

    The Practical Zone System

    A wonderful book explaining Ansel Adams Zone System equally useful for digital photography as well as film photography The Practical Zone System for Film and Digital Photography: Classic Tool, Universal Applications: Amazon.co.uk: Chris Johnson: 9781138206311: Books
  46. kennethcooke

    Praise indeed?

    Top mountaineer and climbing guide praises Sony Mirrorless camera system which includes some of Johnathan's fine images to make the point? Tips from the Pros - Which Camera Gear? // Photography Tips — Alpine Exposures
  47. kennethcooke

    Similarities between colour reversal and digital photography

    For many years I used colour reversal/ slide film, for my photographic material of choice in the mountain ranges of the UK and the Alps. Kodachrome ll 25asa in the UK and Agfa CT18 50asa in Europe and the procedure for exposing slide film was, Expose for the Highlights and let the shadows take...
  48. kennethcooke

    Raw, not Compressed Raw

    I read that in order to record all important detail, one should shoot images in Raw. It would appear from scaling through the menu's on my a7R ll that only Compressed Raw is offered. Would someone kindly enlighten me as to where save images as Raw maybe located, and also comment on whether that...
  49. kennethcooke

    Sony a7Rll+ Zeiss Sonnar 35mm f2.5 Lens

    There were those that said I never would go digital? I said I will never go digital? and on Friday last I took delivery of the above camera body and lens. So far I am very impressed, or as impressed as a Yorkshire Luddite can manage, but realistically I am a digital Neanderthal with just under...
  50. Grokgod

    Looking for images shot with A7r2, great 50mm's like Voigtlander

    Hi, My Sony RX1 committed suicide by the flashing light of error E:63:00 So the focusing and manual are dead. Possibly to be replaced by a A7r2. I refuse to go used again. So, I am looking for images that are shot on the A7r2 with GREAT micro contrast 50mm lenses. Be it Leica, Voigtlander...

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