1. kennethcooke

    Sony a 7R ll and Leica M lenses

    A7RII with Leica M lenses I also quote this report Phillip's Take Photo Tech If there’s one camera that’s never failed to impress me, it’s the Sony A7R II. There’s nothing more exciting than a high-resolution camera that can be adapted to Leica M lenses and also add in image stabilization...
  2. kennethcooke

    Sony Sony a7R ll Guides

    Recommended Sony A7R II Settings
  3. kennethcooke

    Sony List of generic lenses for a7Rll

    Ultimate Fullframe E-mount FE Lens Guide for Sony a7 & a9 Cameras I very much fancy the short Zoom 24/70 f2.8 GM Lens And the 85 f1.4 GM Lens
  4. kennethcooke

    Sony Working with images downloaded into Play Memories

    I have downloaded some images from my a7R ll into Play Memories but I cannot seem to do anything else with them. I guess I would like to export them into Photoshop Elements, but this is where I am lacking in knowledge. As I mentioned, I am, as far as digital processes are concerned, very much a...
  5. kennethcooke

    Sony Review a7R ll

    Sony a7RII Field Test Review - Part 1
  6. kennethcooke

    Sony This is a friends site

    It's hard to tell that they are taken using digital technologies Ando Fuchs - p h o t o g r a p h y
  7. kennethcooke

    Sony Some stunning climbing photographs here

    DESTINATION GUIDE: Liming - China's Best Kept Secret UKC Photos - Top 200 Gallery
  8. kennethcooke

    Sony My Novaflex adaptor arrived today

    Sony E Mount to Leica M lenses, tried it on my 24mm, 50mm and 75mm really good works fine coupled to my a7R ll body Novoflex - Products This also looked interesting, also from Novaflex, it could work well to convert a standard lens into a shift lens, and also have macro applications Novoflex...
  9. kennethcooke

    Sony I don't believe a man can have too many bags?

    I guess I must be the Imelda Marcos of bags, but I always find new and interesting ways of transporting gear. Camera Bags, Climbing Sacs, Tote Bags, FieldBags and Holdalls. This sight might just inspire you, t did me? Camera bags, Filson Magnum, - WannAccess
  10. kennethcooke

    Sony Some of the finest accessories to pamper your treasured kit?

    I love this brand, expensive, yes, but I think as good as it gets. I bought one of these straps for my new a7R ll and I am possibly more enamoured with it than the camera. Japanese Silk, the tradition and craft involved in making these beautiful straps is 1,000 old dating buck to the Samurai...
  11. kennethcooke

    Sony This was a useful intro on the Sony a7R ll?

    15 Tips for Getting The Most Out of Your Sony a7rii
  12. kennethcooke

    Sony A grip at a fraction of the price?

    Reads well, respected brand? Haoge Vertical Shoot QR Quick Release L Plate Camera: Camera & Photo
  13. kennethcooke

    Sony Screen Protector?

    How tough is the screen on the a7R ll ? or would it benefit from a screen protector? Sony PCK-LM15 Screen Protector for Camera: Camera & Photo
  14. kennethcooke

    Sony The Practical Zone System

    A wonderful book explaining Ansel Adams Zone System equally useful for digital photography as well as film photography The Practical Zone System for Film and Digital Photography: Classic Tool, Universal Applications: Chris Johnson: 9781138206311: Books
  15. kennethcooke

    Sony Praise indeed?

    Top mountaineer and climbing guide praises Sony Mirrorless camera system which includes some of Johnathan's fine images to make the point? Tips from the Pros - Which Camera Gear? // Photography Tips — Alpine Exposures
  16. kennethcooke

    Sony Similarities between colour reversal and digital photography

    For many years I used colour reversal/ slide film, for my photographic material of choice in the mountain ranges of the UK and the Alps. Kodachrome ll 25asa in the UK and Agfa CT18 50asa in Europe and the procedure for exposing slide film was, Expose for the Highlights and let the shadows take...
  17. kennethcooke

    Sony Raw, not Compressed Raw

    I read that in order to record all important detail, one should shoot images in Raw. It would appear from scaling through the menu's on my a7R ll that only Compressed Raw is offered. Would someone kindly enlighten me as to where save images as Raw maybe located, and also comment on whether that...
  18. kennethcooke

    Sony Sony a7Rll+ Zeiss Sonnar 35mm f2.5 Lens

    There were those that said I never would go digital? I said I will never go digital? and on Friday last I took delivery of the above camera body and lens. So far I am very impressed, or as impressed as a Yorkshire Luddite can manage, but realistically I am a digital Neanderthal with just under...
  19. Grokgod

    Sony Looking for images shot with A7r2, great 50mm's like Voigtlander

    Hi, My Sony RX1 committed suicide by the flashing light of error E:63:00 So the focusing and manual are dead. Possibly to be replaced by a A7r2. I refuse to go used again. So, I am looking for images that are shot on the A7r2 with GREAT micro contrast 50mm lenses. Be it Leica, Voigtlander...
  20. davect01

    Kids Splash Park Party

    Saturday we had a fun outing with our neighbor and her daughter at her birthday party that was held at one of our local Splash pads. A6000 and 28-70mm were along for the ride. None of these were posed for, and the lighting was all over the place. Shade under the cabana, full sun at the...
  21. Covey22

    Sony Sony DSC HX80

    Still re-learning the nuances of a small sensor pocket compact. I like it because it's got a built-in EVF and it reaches out to 720mm effective, which is really much more than what I need; I would have been pretty happy to 200mm. Indoors, you really need the built-in flash, which does a decent...
  22. M

    Sony Adatcolour spyder stand help ????

    Hi guys I've just rrcenrly brought a spyder calibrater but it didn't come with the stand ? I've spoken to the chap I brought it off and he said it got lost ,, does anyone now where I could buy one from or has anyone got one for sale ? I've already looked on eBay and amazon but no luck , I've...
  23. M

    Sony monitor calibration ? for better colour representation ???

    hi guys iv never really bothered with calibrating my monitor before until i ran into an old friend yesterday who told me it should be one of the most important steps to take in photography ? He went on to explain how his photos never really seemed to look the same when he was printing or...
  24. M

    Sony rx 100v shaky footage 4k

    hi guys i need to pick your brains ,,,again lol i did some 4k recording the weekend and iv just got round to viewing it , lovely quality BUT very shaky video , nearly unusable ?? it was filmed in 4k with steadycam thing turn on , but it wont let you choose the more advanced steady cam settings...
  25. Nepal9696

    Sony Rx100iii ND FILTER

    Hope not a silly question, Just bought a rx100iii to go with my a6000, How an why do I use the built in ND filter, Never used one in the a6000 so unsure Thanks
  26. M

    Sony First day out testing rx100 v

    a few shots with new camera and so far so good , all shot in RAW and edited in lightroom , built in ND filter does a great job
  27. H

    Sony NFC

    Can someone tell me how I can activate NFC? I have NCF turned on at my phone end and play memories is installed.
  28. M

    Sony Rx 100 m3 upgrade?

    I have a m3 and a a6300 use both mainly for stills How much better is the m4 or 5 rx100 On stills or is it mainly video upgrades M5 is still $1000 and not sure it's worth it
  29. M

    Sony Sony RX100 V disappointing results/issue backlight

    Hey community, I recently upgraded from mIII to mV and I have to say that I am very disappointed by my purchase. When I take photos of landscapes and its overcast the sky totally looks while, even if there is structre in the clouds and some blue spotts. On the photo it just turns out white (i...
  30. Ray Sachs

    Sony RX1 street shooting using the macro ring zone focus trick and back button AF

    In this thread (Zone focus with RX1 - neat little trick...) I discussed a way of using the RX1 for zone focus street shooting using the macro ring as essentially a "mechanical" focus ring. And incorporated Bruce's suggestion to override the manual focus settings using a back button auto-focus...
  31. M

    Sony rx100v camera RAW ??? what the hell is going on !!!!!

    think im loosing my mind ? lol iv started shooting in RAW format on my rx 100 v after many many many years using jpeg ,, but iv noticed that you can still access the creative style menu and change the style ????? , its not dulled out like most the settings when you have selected RAW? i thought...
  32. M

    Sony iv made the switch !!!!

    ok guys , this is it ,,, iv started shooting in RAW format on my rx 100 v after many many many years using jpeg ,, but iv noticed that you can still access the creative style menu and change the style ????? , its not dulled out like most the settings when you have selected RAW? i thought raw...
  33. Biro

    Sony Surprise: RX10 for My Birthday

    Well... I certainly didn't expect this. A box was waiting on the kitchen table for me this morning... a Sony RX10 - the original Mark I version. A birthday gift from my understanding wife. I've always been interested in the RX10 but never pulled the trigger on one. And the Mark I is...
  34. A

    Sony 1st post: ebay buyer wants shutter count

    Greetings! I'm hoping to find out if someone knows how to extract the shutter count from an rx100m1. Thanks in advance! --Michael
  35. E

    Sony RX100mV time-lapse energy autonomy problem, EVF (EVF mode only ) doesn’t power off.

    Use the RX100mIII since quite a while for doing time-lapses. Works incredible well with the playmemories App. Quality is very good as is the possibility to do long time-lapse sequences. What’s excellent is that even without any external battery the little guy can do several sequences without the...
  36. Jock Elliott

    Sony Gorgeous video shot with Sony A7S

    Here's the original source: This Milky Way 'FlightLapse' Was Shot by an Airline Pilot Cheers, Jock
  37. sirbenski

    Sony Slow motion videos - Post them here!

    Hello guys! Looking for samples of slow motion videos. Post them here! To start, here's my first attempt at slow motion. (Audio may be a bit loud so kindly turn down your volume for a while.) Heineken in Slow motion Original video turned out to be too noisy because I shot this indoors so I...
  38. sirbenski

    Sony New Sony RX100 user looking for some tips.

    Hello fellow shooters! I'm new to the Sony RX100 world and after much research, went ahead and purchased the Mark V. I've been keeping an eye on the RX100 series since the Mark III but only pulled the trigger and finally bought one last week. So far I've been very impressed with this little...
  39. M

    Sony 4k video settings

    hi guys im still learning my rx 100 v and im having a great time doing so but i need a bit more help ,, im setting it up for 4k video and im shooting in slog2 , im not to sure of the general shutter speed and aperture settings ? in slog2 the ISO is auto set to 1600 . iv current got the shutter...
  40. davect01

    Easter Pageant

    Visited our Annual Outdoor Easter Pageant. Here are a few shots while we were hanging out waiting for the show. A6000 and 28-70mm FE
  41. C

    Sony No sound with MIT files

    Hi, new to here. I have an first gen Sony RX100 and I’m not at all technical (in terms of photography, but know my way around a Mac very well). We’re using the RX100 with a 32GB Eyefi Mobi card which works well. This issue is video files with no sound: EyeFi in its daily wifi transfers transfers...
  42. M

    Sony RX 100 v best still shot setting for grading in premiere pro

    hi guys im new to this forum and new to the sony rx 100 v camera , i only brought it a week ago and so far im very impressed but would like to understand the picture profile settings abit more , i shoot jpeg but still like to tweak my images abit , im abit confused with witch picture profile /...
  43. M

    Sony Panorama mode disables the zoom - is that normal? (rx100 M5)

    Hopefully this is an easy question but it appears that when using the panorama mode on the camera, it disables the zoom operation so each frame can only be done at 24mm end of the zoom. My question is this: Have I caused it to be locked out somehow and is it normally operable, or, is it just...
  44. theoldsmithy

    Sony New a6000 owner

    As per my thread on the UK Photography Show, I now have an a6000 with the 16-50 kit lens. I've also got an adapter to fit my old Russian Jupiter-8 50mm f2 lens so that should be fun! First couple of test shots below. Nothing fancy but the 16-50 gets closer than I thought it would, and seems...
  45. theoldsmithy

    Sony Some images from Dartmoor

    From last week's family outing to Devon. My son and his girlfriend live nearby in Exeter. This was our first major trip with Inky the terrier, who behaved impeccably and absolutely loved walking over the moor! In no particular order: Fingle Bridge Chromed by Martin Connolly, on Flickr...
  46. M

    Sony Image data converter v5 crashing all the time on Macbook (Sierra)

    Hi folks Now that I've had a good bit of a meddle with my new M5, I've taken a pic today of the kids which I decided I wanted to edit the raw file. That's where the fun began. I currently have a macbook with Photoshop CS5 on it (which I think has Camera Raw 6.7 - will have to check to be sure...
  47. Ray Sachs

    Sony Zone focus with RX1 - neat little trick...

    This will probably be of interest to almost nobody, but it's bigly (big league?) of interest to me, so I'll share it just on the off-chance anyone else is interested... First, the "problem". This isn't a huge problem - I've worked around it without much trouble on both the original RX1 I owned...
  48. M

    Sony Lens protection options

    hi guys, I just found your forum after I've bought an M5 rx100 and just received it yesterday, to try and help get me back into photography a bit, as I've not done much over the last year or two. I've ordered a Lensmate filter adaptor for it, which seemed like the best option for adding a...
  49. P

    Sony A6300 - Maldon Dawn (Thames Sailing Barges)

    First early morning out with the new toy. (and Mr Z) The old barges are wonderful. Some of them do day trips out on the waterways. Others I have seen going under Tower Bridge in London.....but not when I had a camera with me ! Dawn, Maldon by Pete Tachauer, on Flickr Dawn, Maldon by Pete...
  50. davect01

    Spring in the Sonoran Desert

    Spring is all around us here in the desert southwest. The desert can be quite beautiful in the Spring after some good rain. Handheld closeups with a non-macro lens. The 28-70mm FE and my trusty A6000
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