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    Birds Baby Sparrow with the Leica Q

    Normally I don't consider birding with a 28 mm lens, but I take what I can get - in this case a baby sparrow sitting on a large dumpster in the middle of town. It didn't move when I approached it, but it was gone when I returned 45 minutes later, so hopefully it was able to fly somewhere. The...
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    Birds Panasonic LF1 Sparrow

    This little bird didn't scamper off quickly as most do when they're approached, so I managed to get within 12-15 feet and get off a few shots. The noise is already apparent in this crop of the original, taken at ISO 80. Noise was mostly due to conditions - bad weather - heavy overcast and flat...
  3. Female House Sparrow

    Female House Sparrow

    The lady is probably the fat chick's mum, because you see them all the time together - big males a bigger black patch on his breast than the youngester. The ladies have none, and are more refined, if as noisy and quarrelsome as the rest.
  4. Juvenile House Sparrow

    Juvenile House Sparrow

    This is the most common visitor of all: A certain over-weight male youngster of the House Sparrow clan - noisy, badmannered, and always picking on a fight!