1. ericdraven

    Studio 303 - Trigger Point - Marie-Reine Kabasha

    Studio 303 - Trigger Point - Marie-Reine Kabasha by David Wong, on Flickr
  2. ericdraven

    Tangente Danse - Ingrid Vallus - Le reste des vagues

    Tangente Danse - Ingrid Vallus - Le reste des vagues by David Wong, on Flickr
  3. ericdraven

    Cas Public présente LOVE ME TENDER v.1

    Cas Public présente LOVE ME TENDER v.1 by David Wong, on Flickr
  4. ericdraven

    Juste toi et moi - Labo - Danse K par K

    Juste toi et moi - Labo - Danse K par K by David Wong, on Flickr
  5. Bobby Tingle


    There are days I really miss shooting off road events.
  6. Bobby Tingle

    Sparring highlights

    After battling and recovering from a very bad sprain in my left foot and ankle for nearly a year. I have been easing my way back into training over the past two months. This past Saturday I had my first full on sparring session rotating in a sparring partner each round. I’m pretty happy with...
  7. gryphon1911

    Sports Some rock climbing

    From a few days ago. Fuji XPRO2 - RAW and processed in CaptureOne 20. I think I'm getting the hang of the color processing, finally. 1 2 3 4
  8. ericdraven

    Action GROUND - Caroline Laurin-Beaucage + Montréal Danse / Lorganisme

    GROUND - Caroline Laurin-Beaucage + Montréal Danse / Lorganisme by David Wong, on Flickr
  9. gryphon1911

    Sports In The Dark Pit - Amateur MMA (Image Heavy)

    Covered some amateur mixed martial arts event at the Arnold Sports Festival 2020. This was probably some of the worst lighting I've ever shot in. Just a few can lights strung across the top of the ceiling and the house lights basically non-existent. I tried shooting at ISO3200, but I could not...
  10. Jonathan F/2

    Sports The LA Chinatown Firecracker 10K Bike Ride and Run Event - Los Angeles, USA

    For the past three years I've been hired as one of the main photographers to shoot this event. It's a fairly big event to shoot, because it spans both weekend days (Sat. + Sun.) and requires being able to shoot the sports action, posed photographs, candids, detail shots and performances that go...
  11. West

    Critique Wanted Car Art

    Any thoughts ...
  12. davect01

    Sports Outdoor Ice Skating in Phoenix AZ

    We went to our annual New years Day Ice Skating event in downtown Phoenix, AZ A6000 and 50mm did the work. Challenging lighting as it was constantly changing and fast action, with people skating across the scene. Picked up a bit of grain on some of these as my ISO...
  13. Bobby Tingle

    Sports X-E3 vs sparring

    Took the X-E3 with 35mm 1.4 to our sparring rounds yesterday. Once again the X-E3 didn't fail to impress. Even with the slower focusing 35mm 1.4.
  14. Bobby Tingle

    Sports Surfers

    Shot with the X-Pro2 and 50-230. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
  15. KillRamsey

    Sports Cyclocross - 2019 season

    A place to put shots from the (now underway) 2019 cyclocross race season. Wife and I are both racing this year (last year she was preggers), as is our 10 yr old as an official Juniors numbered / scored racer, for the first time ever. No more "kiddie cross" for her, going in little circles. Now...
  16. gryphon1911

    Sports Youth Flag Football (Image Heavy)

    First game of the season for me, plan on getting back there and covering a few more games. Nikon D500, Z6 Tamron 70-200/2.8 G2, Nikon 300/4E PF 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
  17. K

    Sports Rowers

    Early morning training on the river.
  18. davect01

    Action Splash Park Adventures

    Still very much summer here in AZ. Our pool was down so we went to the local splash pad for a bit of fun. The lowly A6000 is still holding strong paired with the 18-135mm
  19. gryphon1911

    Sports Kickball (Image Heavy)

    My first time shooting kickball. A lot to learn, but got some decent shots. So many people jumping all over the infield! lol Season has just started, so I'll be able to practice quite a bit over the next month and a half.
  20. K

    Sports Surfers on a cold August Day

    Quite a few surfers at Newcastle Beach today. It was bitterly cold, but they didnt seem to care. I guess the water was warm :)
  21. P

    Sports Surfing Video - Panasonic FZ2000 (Stills and Slo-Mo)

    Back in the UK after 6 weeks in NZ & Australia. Took a Panny FZ2000 with me for general shooting and video. I used it more than the Ricoh GR and Sony A72 in the end. The video was created in Adobe Premier. Music (Fire Starter) from Prodigy; such a shame that front man Keith Flint died last...
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