star wars

  1. Brian

    Top Gun Maverick- Deja Vu all over again, 633 Squadron and Star Wars

    Finally got a break and went to see Top Gun Maverick. Great movie. Like watching a 21st century version of the Cliff Robertson movie 633 Squadron. This is the movie that George Lucas cites as inspiration for the original Star Wars attack on the Death Star. A quick search showed up that other...
  2. Bobby T

    Some Star Wars portraits

    To go with all the announcements from Disney today
  3. Bobby T

    Christmas came early for Star Wars fans

    The announcements for everything in the works from Disney today was huge. Any Star Wars fan should be really happy.
  4. Bobby T

    Star Wars Day

  5. davect01

    Ships of the Fleet Part Two

    It's been a while. I got this small softbox and had some fun with it with some Star Trek ships laying around Well, I had some time today and broke out some of the Star Wars ships and other stuff. A6400 and 50mm...
  6. R

    Action Star Wars

    Wasn't quite sure what to post this under. Perhaps just Toy photography would suffice. Anyway, lately my interest in photography has been slowly going off there boil. Time to try something new to me. I'm happy with the early results considering it's not as easy as you think. Now I have the...