1. Avondale87

    Show anything Steam powered

    Couldn't find a thread dedicated to steam powered machinery I know there's a strong British interest as I've seen elsewhere. Only low res pictures to kick start, but a smattering of different applications Hopefully others will input and enjoy. (i would encourage commentary about subject and...
  2. Morning parcels

    Morning parcels

  3. A spirited start

    A spirited start

  4. 30053 Boiler backhead

    30053 Boiler backhead

  5. More steam than engine

    More steam than engine

  6. On shed

    On shed

  7. 140216-P3M0086


  8. 140216-P3M0032


  9. 140216-P3M0029


  10. 140216-P3M0022


  11. 140216-P3M0013


  12. In mid stream

    In mid stream

  13. Departing


  14. Wake


  15. Stokehold


  16. Greenway Quay

    Greenway Quay

  17. Approaching Dittisham

    Approaching Dittisham

  18. Greenway House

    Greenway House

  19. Noss Yard

    Noss Yard

  20. Britannia Royal Naval College

    Britannia Royal Naval College

  21. Upstream from the mouth of the River Dart

    Upstream from the mouth of the River Dart

  22. Kingswear Castle

    Kingswear Castle

  23. Dartmouth Castle and St Petrocks Church

    Dartmouth Castle and St Petrocks Church

  24. 1080269


  25. 1080265


  26. 1080264


  27. 1080261


  28. 1080260


  29. 1080251


  30. Tangmere breasts the summit

    Tangmere breasts the summit

  31. Miniature steam

    Miniature steam

  32. Cultivator


  33. Fowler BB1 compound ploughing engine

    Fowler BB1 compound ploughing engine

  34. Cultivator


  35. Fowler BB1 compound ploughing engine

    Fowler BB1 compound ploughing engine

  36. Drain cocks open

    Drain cocks open

  37. Lydham Manor

    Lydham Manor

  38. Oliver Cromwell

    Oliver Cromwell

    Britannia class Oliver Cromwell at approx 60mph
  39. Oliver Cromwell entering Totnes

    Oliver Cromwell entering Totnes

    Britannia class locomotive Oliver Cromwell passing Totnes on a special Bristol to Par service 19/05/12
  40. Smoke and steam

    Smoke and steam

    The Castle class locomotive Earl of Mount Edgecumbe tackling Hemerdon bank just east of Plymouth (UK)
  41. A satisfied crew

    A satisfied crew

    With Hemerdon behind them and tackled in grand style the crew are to be congratulated
  42. The incline eases

    The incline eases

    At this point the incline eases from 1 in 42 to 1 in 51
  43. Climbing Hemerdon

    Climbing Hemerdon

    Earl of Mount Edgecumbe nears the top of Hemerdon Bank east of Plymouth (Devon), a 1 in 42 2.5 mile incline, the 4th steepest on the British mainline
  44. Earl of Mount Edgecumbe

    Earl of Mount Edgecumbe

    A castle class locomotive swings round the bend into the former Brent station
  45. Approaching Brent

    Approaching Brent

    The castle class engine Earl of Mount Edgecumbe approaching the site of the former station at Brent (South Brent)
  46. Tangmere and Oliver Cromwell

    Tangmere and Oliver Cromwell

    A double headed steam train near the top of Rattery Bank, south Devon
  47. Rattery Bank

    Rattery Bank

    This is near the top of Rattery Bank, a nine mile incline between Totnes and Plymouth (Devon) which in places is 1 in 51, making it the 7th steepest incline on the mainline in the UK
  48. Early afternoon goods

    Early afternoon goods

    The early afternoon goods train approaching Staverton from Totnes on the South Devon Railway
  49. Restarting after a signal check

    Restarting after a signal check

    This double headed train was checked (stopped) by the home signal approaching Staverton station and makes a steamy restart
  50. Early morning milk train

    Early morning milk train

    An early morning milk train between Staverton and Buckfastleigh on the South Devon Railway