1. P

    Street Street - It's Not Always Candid

    Sometimes, the eyeball to eyeball between the shooter and the target makes the whole dynamic of a shot. They know and I know that they's like an agreement but without a signature, more like a nod of acknowledgment that something happened between you, but you will...
  2. P

    Micro 4/3 Wireless Street Shooting - Panny GX9

    15 yrs post diagnosis of my Parkinsons , my left hand tremor is beginning to cause issues more regularly. Luckily I am right handed....but the tremor can still resonate throughout my body; especially during my "off times" between medications. After seeing my surgeon yesterday I walked the 2...
  3. P

    Street Behind You!

    It usually pays to look behind you...... Sydney, Australia.
  4. G

    Infrared Images Street Event with KolariVision UV filter

    FS-Sony a7R + El-Nikkor lens + KolariVision UV filter 1956 Continental Mark II at an outdoor car event. Original capture with the Kolari UV filter. Same image as above, processed for false colors.
  5. TNcasual

    Street A Saturday in Knoxville

    When my wife and I first moved to Knoxville nearly 24 years ago the downtown was nearly a ghost town. Most of the office workers left at 5pm and never came back for any kind of recreation. The weekends were simply dead, with only a few dive bars and a couple of upstart restaurants. Today, it is...
  6. T

    M-Mount Street photography in my town

    Walking down town with my friend Kat in Calgary
  7. Alf

    Street In the grit of urban life (image heavy and a little extreme ;) )

    A short while ago I had a playful morning, dropping the sigma 56mm attached to my x-e4in my bag and nothing else, decided to ignore architecture and to devote to the strong characters of vibrant, deep, real urban life. Or else. But first a man has to eat. And what are we without a glass of...
  8. DeeJayK

    Documentary Show "Ghost signs"

    I know there's already an existing signs thread, but perhaps there's room for a thread dedicated to ghost signs? I love these old remnants of bygone days and I'd love to see any examples others would care to share. I've decided to be bold and create such a thread here. Admins/ moderators, if...
  9. agentlossing

    Street Seattle International District - Chinatown Lunar New Year

    Today we hopped on the bus and went to the international district in Seattle for some of their ongoing lunar new year festivities. There was a street market as well as a food walk involving many of the restaurants in the neighborhood, and it was quite crowded despite the intermittent rain. It...
  10. john m flores

    Street Bars

    I did a search and was amazed to not find anything! Post your bar photos! The Brew Inn, Greenpoint Brooklyn
  11. Walter Palmer

    Street Help starting.

    Dear family/team/friends/associates/y'all, A recent message from my daughter has re-kindled a repressed desire in me. So I turn to you for help. How does a shy person (really shy) overcome that trait to be able to approach people for photographs. It sucks because I LOVE the wonderful variety...
  12. jhawk1000

    Documentary Christmas Party

    Every year for at least the last 15 years, my wife and I have been lucky to have been asked to help the Young Lawyers of our Bar Association with their annual chosen charity, the homeless residents of the Salvation Army. Every year, I take my camera and accessories to the residence hall for...
  13. hooferinsane

    Street Reflective balls in a coffee shop

    First ever photo post on forum, hope they are in correct forum. Taken a few years ago, but very early morning in a coffee shop around the London bridge area, around Christmas time as I recall. These giant hanging ball-balls caught my eye.
  14. Alf

    Challenge! Cameraderie Challenge #61 : Street but make it fashion

    Start date 19/8/22 End date 15/9/22 Let me begin thanking @Irene McC for choosing my picture in her challenge. I'd like to see street imagest, pushed towards fashion environmental portraits - the goal is engagement with the viewer (and not merely ogling the beautiful people). Here a few...
  15. F

    Street Candid from this morning

    DSCF9264 Vinh Market by william Heron, on Flickr
  16. M

    Performing Arts Street musicians of New York City

    This group, called Triad Brass, performed recently next to Greely Square Park in Midtown Manhattan, as part of the Midtown Music program. They are a (not entirely) brass ensemble who play jazz, hip hop, and other contemporary music. For this show, their lineup was one trumpet, one trombone, one...
  17. William Lewis

    Documentary Graduation Ceremony and Party

    Not sure how documentary this really is but my GF's daughter graduated high school yesterday and we had a wee party with a tiny cake.
  18. Rick Waldroup

    Street Elvis

    I started this project several years ago and it is a work in progress. If you have any shots of Elvis, real or unreal, please feel free to post them here. Elvis At the Oasis - Dallas, Texas Elvis In a Shop Window - Trinidad, Colorado Elvis in Concert - Stephenville, Texas...
  19. Irene McC

    Street Coffee break

    While walking back to our car after buying an indoor plant earlier today, I saw this scene
  20. Ad Dieleman

    Street Carnival 2022 in Eindhoven

    Man, I enjoyed this bigtime! Almost all covid restrictions were lifted yesterday, so people could celebrate carnival as they used to. And they did! I wasn't brought up in that tradition, but I truly wanted to submerse myself as a photographer in this somewhat strange mixture of carnival...
  21. TNcasual

    Street A Rainy Evening Downtown

    The other night I had about an hour and a half to kill in Downtown Knoxville. It was unseasonably warm, but also fluctuating between a light mist, to light rain, to a steady downpour. It was perfect for a short bit of wet city shooting. That's what having weather sealed gear can do! All of...
  22. pdk42

    Street People and Smartphones

    I thought this might make an interesting topic - people interacting with their devices. I did a quick search and couldn't find anything similar, but mods, please feel free to delete and point me in the right direction if I've missed it. Anyhow, here's a few from me to kick off... The...
  23. BosseBe

    Documentary Las Vegas - Post your pictures.

    I visited Las Vegas for one night in 2017, so I have some pictures from there to share. I just started to go through and PP the pictures again to see if I could find a few "gems". Could not find a Las Vegas dedicated thread so I decided to create one. Post your Las Vegas pictures here! Here are...
  24. Herman

    Street Show Elephant

    Elephant parade at my hometown. Here I go...
  25. agentlossing

    Documentary Urban Unquiet - Modern Dystopia

    I got this idea, well, mainly from shooting inside an Ikea today. You know that vague unease of, not the drug-addled "high tech, low life" dystopia of William Gibson and the cyberpunk crowd (though I love that aesthetic), but the sort of urban/suburban, pedestrian, everyday quiet existential...
  26. TraamisVOS

    Stroll Took a day off because there was a scheduled power outtage in my street.

    Received a letter from the traffic management dept AND a message from the power company saying there was going to be a scheduled outtage because of works with the power lines or some such in my street. The letter even had a diagram showing where the street was going to be blocked off, with...
  27. grebeman

    Street 14th Kingsbridge Vintage Bus Running Day (Image Heavy)

    There was no 13th bus running day in 2020 for obvious reasons. It would have been the 60th anniversary of the introduction of the small Bristol SU single decker bus that was the mainstay of the rural bus services in this area during the 1960's and 1970's so that celebration was delayed until...
  28. jyc860923

    Street You'll want to caption this lol

    I'd love to see businesses put their money where their mouth is.
  29. davect01

    Documentary Summer Pool Time

    Come on already Finally
  30. ericdraven

    Street DU POP-CORN POUR LEGAULT - Rassemblement Diomède

    DU POP-CORN POUR LEGAULT - Rassemblement Diomède by David Wong, on Flickr DU POP-CORN POUR LEGAULT - Rassemblement Diomède by David Wong, on Flickr DU POP-CORN POUR LEGAULT - Rassemblement Diomède by David Wong, on Flickr
  31. theoldsmithy

    Edinburgh street scenes from 1960s

    Some great photos here by Robert Blomfield The Guardian
  32. ericdraven

    Documentary Incendie à Rosemont

    Incendie à Rosemont by David Wong, on Flickr Incendie à Rosemont by David Wong, on Flickr Incendie à Rosemont by David Wong, on Flickr
  33. albertk

    Street Show your Mirroring Act

    As we have a lot of pictures with mirrors in some way, often selfies, a thread is nice to show these, where you seem to fall down a rabbit hole and step through a mirror and here I found myself in China . . So please add as you like and let us enjoy! Paris - Compagnie française d'Orient et de...
  34. davect01

    Stroll After Christmas Park Trip, learning to Rollarblade

    One of her Christmas gifts was a set of rollerblades. We have taken a few park trips to try and get more secure and get out of the house. A6400 and 18-135mm Still not perfect, took a few tumbles But she is proud of herself
  35. Thai-Mike

    Documentary Thailand Stroll

    Worship scene
  36. buttermaker

    Street Just a few old shots Budapest and New York

  37. ericdraven

    Documentary Montreal Protest Police Racism

    Don't Ignore Something Because It Makes You Uncomfortable... by David Wong, on Flickr
  38. QBI

    Street Show "Street Food"

    How about a thread for street food? Markets, carts, hole-in-the-wall outlets, vans, trailers.... Here's my starter
  39. Ad Dieleman

    Defunct maybe, neglected surely

  40. Jock Elliott

    Why are there no street photographers using superzooms?

    I didn't want to hijack the thread on the Winogrand article, so . . . something Kevin posted got me thinking: What I really, really, REALLY don't understand are the street photographers who shoot with a wide angle and then try to get extreme close-ups. It appears they are running an experiment...
  41. davect01

    Fountain Hills Concourse in the Hills (Big Car Show in Town)

    Our town had its annual big car show with hundreds of cars, trucks, helicopters and other military vehicles. Took the trusty A6000 and 18-135mm. It was tough getting the shots I wanted as there were a lot of people walking around and a super sunny day. Some...
  42. drd1135

    “Intrusive” Street Photography.

    An interesting article/video:
  43. gryphon1911

    Suspension: Balancing Art, Nature, and Culture - An Art Exhibition

    Three Columbus, OH parks and the Main Columbus Metropolitan Library have nearly 3 dozen balanced, suspended art pieces for your viewing pleasure until March 1, 2020. These art pieces and installation were the work of Polish artist Jerzy Joptka Kedziora. Along with the Main Library, Schiller...
  44. davect01

    Balloon Glow

    Our town puts on a farewell to the Holidays Balloon Glow A6000 and 50mm SEL
  45. Mike G

    Nikon Street in the dark

    Just a quick test at night because the street looks better at night! Nikon Z6 + 24-70mm @ 1/5 f4 ISO12800
  46. Mike G

    Yellow car and a hot rod.

    What it says on the tin! The hot rod drove with a mighty roar. IPhone X
  47. ericdraven

    Un violeur sur ton chemin (Montréal)

    Un violeur sur ton chemin (Montréal) Un violeur sur ton chemin (Montréal) by David Wong, on Flickr Un violeur sur ton chemin (Montréal) by David Wong, on Flickr Un violeur sur ton chemin (Montréal) by David Wong, on Flickr Un violeur sur ton chemin (Montréal) by David Wong, on Flickr
  48. davect01

    Thanksgiving parade 2019

    It was very overcast and threatened rain but the rain stayed away. A6000 and 28mm Sigma The folks The rides
  49. Mike G

    Fly Tipping gone mad

    This caravan was dumped in my street, thankfully gone now! iPhone X The van looks better in the photo than in real life, it was disgustingly filthy.
  50. Bobby T

    Two Pump Chump 20th Anniversary show

    My long time friends celebrated 20 years as a band. They had people come out who have been in the band over the years and play. It was a great show. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Former guitarist Travis Mudd 10 11 12 13 other former guitarist in the background who's name I never...