1. drd1135

    Jetliner transit of the Sun This guy was taking a picture of the sun and caught a jet crossing the field of view. Stills and a video. Not earthshaking but pretty neat.
  2. C

    When The Sun Goes Down - relaxation piece

    A relaxation piece done in Resolve Studio and Studio one PRO (music) using very old video from a D7100 of the Oregon Coast near Bandon.
  3. Herman

    Sun oven/BBQ

    Do you have a sun/solar oven/BBQ? Are you happy with it? Replies welcome. Best regards, Herman
  4. Coksic

    Facades in the sunlight

  5. donlaw

    Daily Challenge Cameraderie Photo Challenge #41: Sun - Winner announced

    Starting Dec. 10th and Ending Dec. 25th 2020 The Cameraderie 41st Challenge theme is: Sun As we move on toward the end of 2020, let’s see your best sun photo. Most of us have taken a few. Sunrise, Sunset or any other photo featuring the sun. After this memorable mess of a year, see it out with...
  6. eesand

    Leica O'ahu

    Banzai Pipeline beach with the super-elmar 21mm M-P 240
  7. SiJ 2015 Day 25

    SiJ 2015 Day 25

    Sun and snow, Stratham, New Hampshire
  8. P

    Birds Into The Sun

    Hanningfield Reservoir in Essex (UK) Geese flying int the sun. 6D / 70-300L combo HANNINGFIELD GEESE by petach123 (Peter Tachauer), on Flickr
  9. Cloud and sun

    Cloud and sun

  10. Blue Sky, Green Grass Barn

    Blue Sky, Green Grass Barn

  11. sun