1. drd1135

    iPhone creates fascinating photo Not a game-changing new photo technology, but an fascinating result from the tech we all have now.
  2. JensM

    Leica and Panasonic formed a new alliance called L² Technology (Leica x Lumix)

    Interesting: Leica Lumix extends cooperation. Not sure what to make of this, but it is a interesting development.
  3. Bobby T

    Cool new photography technology

    We saw with the Nikon Z9 that it is without a mechanical shutter. And able to do flash sync with the electronic shutter. Which, if Nikon has eliminated the issues/side effects of using electronic shutters. Will be awesome for cameras going forward as that trickles down into other bodies...
  4. MiguelATF

    Hidden avian technology behind an expensive new camera purchase

    Sometimes, it's hard to resist an attack of G.A.S. - especially when it's for a new camera with a revolutionary image-making technology. But the real question is: how much is too much? Moral of the story: G.A.S. is more ancient than any of us ever supposed. Thorny dilemma: Would you pay your...
  5. drd1135

    Challenge! Camaraderie Photo Challenge #40 Karma, Good or Bad

    Start Date Nov. 17, 2020 End Date Dec. 8, 2020 This Cameraderie 40th Challenge theme is: Karma, Good or Bad After having an enjoyable hour contemplating the theme of "Bad Teeth", I decided on "Karma, Good or Bad". Whether you favor reward or comeuppance, show me the reaction of the Great...
  6. theoldsmithy

    Android Huawei P20 Pro

    This will take some getting to grips with. You can have the AI feature on or off (I think I will favour off but we'll give it a chance!). 40mp or 10mp resolution. JPEG or DNG. Colour or mono (which is 20mp). Anyway, here are a couple of early shots. Standard 10mp mode, AI on Weobley wall by...