1. TNcasual

    Feedback Testing the tag issue

    Here is my test of the issue of auto generated tags.
  2. TNcasual

    Your Top 3 for June 2023

    After some fighting with the Forum software, here is your June 2023 thread! I didn't shoot much for the month, but here are three I liked. Please share yours, if you can.
  3. Gatorguy

    Pentax K3III testing with Sigma 300 2.8 APO DG

    So I bought a Sigma 300 2.8 with the thought that perhaps pairing it with the Sigma 2x TC I had might give me at least a servicable 600 5.6. And yes I know TC's generally degrade image quality more so than cropping would. I am gob-smacked.... This is mounted on the K3III, and using both the...