1. A

    Advice Wanted Pricing digital files

    Has anyone sold digital files that will be printed up to 100 times? If so, how did you set your pricing? Did you charge a flat fee or per iteration or some combination of both? Thanks for your input!
  2. Panolyman

    Anniversary thanks

    I'd just like to thank every single member on this wonderful forum for putting up with me over the last year. (I had hoped to post on my exact anniversary but I was away tending to my very poorly 93-year-old step-Dad.) Like several others on here, I'd hit a bit of a slump with my photography...
  3. hippi


    BIG THANK YOU. I will keep you all up to date, I am ridding all the time when weather is nice yesterday rode 12.11 miles today off mowed the yard 1 1/2 hour 3.56 miles. I invite you all to Sedalia Mo. if you are in the area.
  4. thanks