1. pdk42

    Feedback Should we have separate Leica and L-mount threads?

    It seems we just have one top-level gear thread that lumps together all the Leica and Leica mounts (M, LTM, L, R). I don't think this is helpful for L-mount people. L mount is a lot more than Leica and many (probably most) L-mount users won't be Leica users. I think we should have separate...
  2. Kevin

    Announcement Check your account preferences - "View sidebar when viewing threads"

    Normally when viewing threads, such as this one, there are no sidebars shown. An option was added so that the sidebars would display or not. The 'default' if no specific choice was made was "Yes" and the sidebars were shown. The default for the option has been reverted to be "No" with no...
  3. TraamisVOS

    Feedback How can I search only for threads that I started?

    Been meaning to ask this for a while. I've been a member in this forum for over a decade. It's been good to walk down memory lane when some of my old threads pop up again. But how do I specifically search for them?