1. M

    Lens Your three favorite lenses of all time

    I think this will be fun. I'll have to really think. At least one lens of mine comes down to an emotional connection. Like the Nikon 105 F2 DC. At the time my kids were young and the lens produced a nice blend of sharpness and OOF rendering. But honestly it's all about the content. It touched me...
  2. AndyMcD

    Three Ages of Daffodil

    Taking inspiration from "Father Ted" I decided to shoot a single daffodil showing its progression. I took five images but I prefer it with these three. All three are 20+ stacks and were taken using a Fuji X-T3 with Fuji 80/2.8 macro with 2xGodox MF-12 flash units mounted to it.
  3. emerson

    Philosophy About Criticism: the three key questions

    Many years ago, in a university Art History class, I was taught that art criticism was really about answers to three pertinent questions: 1. What did the artist set out to do? 2. Was it done well? 3. Was it worth doing? These three questions have served me well when critically examining my...
  4. Bobby Tingle

    Fuji Tokina is launching three primes for Fuji

    Tokina is entering the Fuji market with three primes. 23mm, 33mm, and 56mm 1.4 lenses will be available in the Fall of this year.
  5. emerson

    Your best three images from the last year.

    If you're like me, photography is both a pleasure and a frustration. A frustration, because perfection [whatever that is] is always another image away. It seems to me that a thread, over time, could show us how our proficiency and our aesthetic sensibilities evolve. So, please show us three...
  6. wee-pics

    Stroll Strolling through Bern (Switzerland)

    When you don't want to be packed with bodies and lenses the LX 100.2 is a good enough tool. I'm using it for what I call "photographic diary" but I like to get some creative shots in between, too. This Pana is good at both. Some more photos of this beautiful town can be seen...
  7. Jock Elliott

    Three panoramas

    Shot with the HX400V in vertical orientation at 135mm e, stitched together with ICE. Shot from the overlook at Oakwood Cemetery, Troy, NY. Yesterday was a day of epic skies. Cheers, Jock
  8. SiJ15 - Day Three - A foal no more

    SiJ15 - Day Three - A foal no more

    I promised BB a photo of my wife's last rescue. He's in great condition now - actually even a little too full of himself - but it weren't always the way. He has grown in more ways than one.
  9. heavy processing

    heavy processing

    Here's an HDR I did from 3 exposures. Then I converted to black and white with wild tweaks to each color channel to make it super dramatic. I really like doing this heavy processing to churches. Maybe I'm secretly fighting back at them for all the heavy processing they did to my young mind.