1. bilzmale

    It's been 10 good years but it's time to bid farewell.

    Ten years ago today I followed Amin Sabet and BBW over here to the newly resurrected Serious Compacts forum. I was very fortunate to spend some of those early times as a Mod and as the publican of Bill's Pub. There have been very few days when I've not visited at least once and I've enjoyed...
  2. davect01

    Spring Time Portraits

    Being bored we did some more random backyard portraits A6400 and 50mm SEL
  3. William Lewis

    Home Cooking? Recipes in a time of Quarantine!

    BrianS made a comment that we should have a recipie thread and I thought I'd take him up on it. I have an Instant Pot and a tabletop oven/toaster/air fryer that I do 75% of my cooking in. Here's a thing I've done of late in the Instant pot. ---------------- 1) take a small chunk of pork...
  4. iSilentP

    Great Capture One offer - LIMITED TIME

    Great Capture One offer. 25% off new licenses (code SPRING25) and 30% off (code UPGRADE30) on upgrades. Capture One
  5. Jock Elliott

    Some thoughts for those "tele-working" for the first time

    For 17 years, I was a full-time freelance writer, working from a home office. Some observations: 1. Self-discipline can be the hardest thing to come by, but it is the most necessary thing for successful tele-working. Distractions are too easy to find. Determine that you will be...
  6. Bobby Tingle

    120 year old photos from a time capsule

    This is a cool find
  7. Jock Elliott

    Canon Time to play another rousing game of . . .

    . . . spot the eagle. Brought to you by Canon and the humble G12. Cheers, Jock
  8. Jonathan F/2

    It's that time of the year - Halloween 2019!

    It's almost Halloween 2019, so let's start seeing those scary and ghoulish photo ops! My kids had a school Halloween event last week, so I'll kick it off! Post your Halloween themed photos in this thread! 1. LFCSA 2019 Harvest Town Festival by Jonathan Friolo, on Flickr 2. LFCSA 2019...
  9. W

    Feedback Is it time for a smartphone camera forum?

    Is it time for a smartphone camera forum? They are getting quite sophisticated.
  10. KillRamsey

    Fuji Another good band, this time with famous people

    Same venue as last time. Yesterday a band came through that’s fronted by a guy I’ve known about and liked since I was in high school, Scott McCaughey. We loved his band The Young Fresh Fellows, even covered one of their songs a lot. In this iteration, the band is called The Minus Five, and it...
  11. Herman


  12. time has passed

    time has passed

    I drove by an abandoned school bus I had captured one and thought it would make a decent "time has passed." I did almost get a tick for the cause... found a little deer tick crawling up my pants after getting back to the car.
  13. Time has passed (since I bought these onions)

    Time has passed (since I bought these onions)

    I can't remember when I bought this bag of onions. I think at this point I can call them Done-ions.
  14. Time


  15. Time


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