1. The Electric Squirrel

    Nikon Showcase Tokina AT-X 17mm f/3.5 AF Aspherical

    The title says it all, let's pay homage to this old little gem. And since the AT-X pro version has - AFAIK - the same optical internals, it fits under the same title as well. A few shots to begin the thread with:
  2. mnhoj

    Completed SOLD : Tokina AF 17mm F3.5 AT-X Pro Nikon mount | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Classifieds Type For Sale Price (see description) Item Tokina AF 17mm F3.5 AT-X Pro Nikon mount My Location USA Picture File(s) attached Description Very nice condition. Caps. No box or hood. Glass is clean. Nice output. $99 tyd. Payment Methods Regular PayPal (seller fee included in...
  3. H

    Adapted Thrifty Tokina

    Found a lens at a thrift shop the other day. A black pouch catches my eye, with white lettering - “Tokina”. Take a peak inside, a 135mm 2.8 looks back. Why not, the price was right, and I haven’t challenged myself enough with manual lenses. So I come home late, can’t wait until the next day...