top three

  1. agentlossing

    Your Top Three for September 2023

    Posting this thread well in arrears, just so I can weed out three images from my September stack/backlog. All with the K-1 II this time. Feel free to add yours if you want to walk down (recent) memory lane.
  2. TNcasual

    Your Top Three for November 2023

    November was a landscape month for me. Yay for me. Please share yours!
  3. TNcasual

    Your Top Three for October 2023

    I think I actually forgot September's thread. If people want one, it can be created. I have some variation in shooting for October. That is always nice. Please share your!
  4. TNcasual

    Your Top Three for August 2023

    August was a slow month for me. I'm just not getting inspired to be out shooting much lately. Please share yours!