1. bilzmale

    News / Rumor Topaz Mask AI released.

    The next of Topaz' AI offerings is a remake of Remask 5. It is not cheap at $100 but as usual there is a discount for early adopters ($70). I've spent a few hours playing today with mixed results. It is a bit buggy still and there is very minimal instructional material yet at Topaz. If you...
  2. Jock Elliott

    Some experimentation with Topaz Sharpen AI

    Before after before after before after Commentary: I downloaded the software as a free trial onto two computers: a Dell Inspiron 13 with an i7 processor and an HP Elite with the Ryzen chipset and 16 gigs of ram. Neither computer has a dedicated graphics card. Sharpen AI seems...
  3. bilzmale

    Software Topaz Adjust AI - free to some previous owners.

    As per headline if you own earlier copies of Topaz Adjust, Clarity or Detail you will get a free copy. Just download, install and log in with your account details. For me this is the best of the AI based revisions from Topaz. Link also to a Jim Nix...
  4. bilzmale

    Software You may be entitled to a free copy of Topaz' new Sharpen AI.

    Released last week this new AI-based sharpening app is available from It is free to owners of Topaz In Focus or the Complete Bundle. Apparently Topaz is emailing upgrade tokens to those eligible but I found my token in my online account. First impressions are...
  5. X100 macro - with Topaz BW

    X100 macro - with Topaz BW

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