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  1. bilzmale

    Software Topaz Adjust AI - free to some previous owners.

    As per headline if you own earlier copies of Topaz Adjust, Clarity or Detail you will get a free copy. Just download, install and log in with your account details. For me this is the best of the AI based revisions from Topaz. https://topazlabs.com/adjust-ai/ref/96/ Link also to a Jim Nix...
  2. bilzmale

    Software You may be entitled to a free copy of Topaz' new Sharpen AI.

    Released last week this new AI-based sharpening app is available from https://topazlabs.com/sharpen-ai/ It is free to owners of Topaz In Focus or the Complete Bundle. Apparently Topaz is emailing upgrade tokens to those eligible but I found my token in my online account. First impressions are...
  3. X100 macro - with Topaz BW

    X100 macro - with Topaz BW

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