1. J

    Bayhorse Ghost Town, Idaho

    Is an Idaho State Park that is a little difficult to find but worth the effort. Nearest town is Challis, Idaho about 16 miles distant. Getting there you cross the Salmon River on an old truss bridge and follow the hard pack dirt road four miles. Nice amenities, good parking, maps with site...
  2. T

    M-Mount Street photography in my town

    Walking down town with my friend Kat in Calgary
  3. Alf

    Fuji Shooting therapy into town

    You know, it seems I am at it again - as I write this, the forum suggests me three threads from 2011-2013 from yours truly. After a much needed sleep I woke up surrounded by the Feline Elements, noticed it was too late for a stroll in Florence and decided to play nearer to the west. You know...
  4. J

    Bodie, California Ghost Town, Part 2

    Another Photo series from our September trip through Bodie. Rather than photos from the main streets, these are kind of back alley captures.
  5. J

    Travel Bodie, California Ghost Town - a look into an abandoned house.

  6. drd1135

    Fireworks in an Old New England Mill Town

    As advertised, I was in my home town of Fall River, Massachusetts, last week. It's an old mill town best known for it's unusual demographics (a large Portuguese population) and the famous Lizzie Borden murder case in the last 19th century. Half the town sits on a hillside that goes down to a...
  7. drd1135

    An Old Town and a New Camera, Part 2

    More from Buena Vista. Note the pictures of the old Texaco station: When I first saw the station, I also saw the real estate sign and thought it was for sale. It turns out the real estate firm bought the old station and restored it as their new offices.
  8. drd1135

    An Old Town and a New Camera, Part 1

    I decided to combine a small project with a shakedown shoot for the X-S10 w/16-80 f4. It's been a while since I did a walking tour of Buena Vista, a town about the same size as Lexington. It's six miles east and right at the foothills of the Blueridge Mountains. It's the blue-collar and...
  9. davect01

    Fountain Hills Concourse in the Hills (Big Car Show in Town)

    Our town had its annual big car show with hundreds of cars, trucks, helicopters and other military vehicles. Took the trusty A6000 and 18-135mm. It was tough getting the shots I wanted as there were a lot of people walking around and a super sunny day. Some...
  10. Jock Elliott

    Cloudscapes from Brunswick, NY, town park

    With the RX10 IV stitched together with ICE. And . . . romanced with Luminar. Cheers, Jock
  11. Jonathan F/2

    Nikon Showcase Old Town Pasadena - The J5 + 6.7-13mm VR Shoots Suburbia!

    I had time to kill and went for a mild stroll after a doctor's checkup. The 6.7-13mm VR is a lot of fun to shoot with! Also this camera setup is so small and unobtrusive, people don't notice the camera or just brush it off as a tiny P&S! 😁 All shot with the J5 + 6.7-13mm VR: 1. Street...
  12. Western Backway, Kingsbridge

    Western Backway, Kingsbridge

    This is Western Backway, one of two back lanes that parallel the main street in Kingsbridge. The water course is the old mill leat.