1. drd1135

    Full Auto Mode for Canon R5 (ROTFL)

    I hear there is an upgrade coming where it will just run after you, so no need for a bag.
  2. Bobby T

    Box of toys

  3. R

    Action Star Wars

    Wasn't quite sure what to post this under. Perhaps just Toy photography would suffice. Anyway, lately my interest in photography has been slowly going off there boil. Time to try something new to me. I'm happy with the early results considering it's not as easy as you think. Now I have the...
  4. R


    Wasn't quite sure where to put this. I enjoyed it. With over 13 million views I guess some of you may have already seen it .
  5. Rubberus duckii, female and duckling

    Rubberus duckii, female and duckling

  6. Rubberus duckii ducklings

    Rubberus duckii ducklings

  7. 10 July - Carnage

    10 July - Carnage

    A typical scene after the boys have had their way. Not much of an effort but I do like the sun rays coming through the window.