1. Briar

    Travel advice

    Hi I’m seeking your travel advice for a trip we are planning from Seattle to Jackson Hole in September 2023. We only have about 16 days for the trip and would be flying in from the UK. Yellowstone and the Grand Teton national Parks are the main draw but from the UK its much, much cheaper to...
  2. agentlossing

    Travel On the Road - Shots from the Car

    I have found that I really enjoy grabbing shots from inside the car, often while moving. Looking back on a lot of shots I have made, I think I used to be disappointed when viewing my car "grab shots" out the window later on, and seeing the inevitable motion blur, blurry bug splatter, or whatever...
  3. Iron

    Travel Ancient Egyptian Garden, Hamilton Gardens, Waikato, New Zealand

    Some interesting points: This is supposedly the first replica of such garden based on Ancient Egyptian accounts and recent artifacts. The design is typical during the Middle Kingdom period (2040 BCE to 1782 BCE). Ancient Egyptians used the temples and gardens, such as this, as a meeting place...
  4. J

    Travel Bodie, California Ghost Town - a look into an abandoned house.

  5. theoldsmithy

    Travel Scotland Trip (image heavy)

    So, we had our week and a bit in Scotland. I drove 1100 miles and we ate a lot of haddock! I also took quite a few are a few of them. First stop - Stirling where we visited the Bannockburn memorial and the old town Next stop - the county (sorry, "Kingdom") of Fife. Culross...
  6. serhan

    OPTIC All Stars Day 01: B&H's Outdoor Photo/Video Travel Imaging Conference

    OPTIC All Stars Day 01: B&H's Outdoor Photo/Video Travel Imaging Conference online now:
  7. jssaraiva

    Film One backup roll with a Fujifilm Silvi 24-50mm f/2.8 Zoom Date

    Hi, I recently sold a Fujifilm Zoom Date 2.8, aka Silvi. I've used this camera as a backup, only taking a few snaps every now and then. As a result, when I finally developed the Ektar it was loaded with, I was surprised to find a great variety of places this single roll visited: Andalucia...
  8. Mike G

    Peak Design Travel Tripod

    Well folks the dreaded GAS has struck again, and I splashed the cash on a PD Travel Tripod the Carbon Fibre version . Bloody expensive I know but I would only fritter the money away on Wine, Women and Song! 🤗 Initial impressions are very good, and the tripod comes complete with everything one...
  9. TraamisVOS

    Travel Trip to Japan

    Last year I travelled to Japan for the first time, it was my first big trip overseas as an adult. I spent a month there and had an amazing time. I haven't really shown my photos anywhere so I figured I'll start a thread here where I can post, over a period of time, various shots from my trip...
  10. Bobby Tingle

    Travel kit

    With my kit being down to three lenses and two bodies. It wasn’t hard to narrow it down. Basically, take everything. X-Pro2 and 56mm in a Think Tank Spectral 8 bag with the peak design leash, 10 stop filter, shutter release, step up rings, and batteries/charger. X-E3 with 16mm/35mm in a think...
  11. MoonMind

    Another holiday thread: The south-eastern corner of Switzerland (Val Müstair) 2019

    This is not going to be as long and intense as last years thread, but some might find it interesting - because this time, I did the opposite: Instead of packing my most highly rated gear, I went with two compacts, the Panasonic FZ1000 and, again, the Canon G1X III, plus my father's Olympus XA...
  12. MoonMind

    Travelling through Scotland 2018 (mostly images)

    Well, I know this that I'm probably not the only one travelling throughout Scotland this summer, but I'll use this thread to show some images - miscellaneous subjects, ordered by date (roughly). The first couple of days were nice enough, if a bit too warm for my liking, but who am I to complain...
  13. theoldsmithy

    Sony Cornwall - image heavy

    A changeable week in Cornwall - mostly fine weather but a couple of gloomy, drizzly days. The grand plan was to introduce Inky to the sea (having never seen it before). At first she was ok with the beach, then terror took over as she saw and heard the big wet roary thing. So we stuck to the...
  14. olli

    Islay Skies

    I've been ordering a few end of year photo books while the offers are good and reworking a few older images. Here are a few from a trip to Islay last year focusing on the wonderful skyscapes.
  15. olli

    Walking with Elephants

    We just got back from a trip to Luang Prabang in Laos where we signed up for an elephant trek with Mandalao tours. They are the only organisation in Luang Prabang running tours that don't allow riding on the elephants, which was what we wanted. Here are a few pictures from our tour. I'll post...
  16. olli


    I finally made it to Angkor last week and spent a few days visiting the temples and hanging around in Siem Reap. I took about a year's worth of pictures in five days and have just about managed to get the total down to around 400. Here are a few I've picked out and done a bit of work on. All...
  17. olli

    Manila American Cemetery

    The Cemetery in Taguig, Metro Manila is the burial place for more than 17,000 service personnel and a memorial for over 36,000 more. There is further information in the Cemetery Booklet. Normally Manila weather means blue skies and bright sunshine with corresponding hard shadows, or a solid...
  18. Lightmancer

    Books F8 and Been There - I'm an author!

    After a couple of years of work, I've just produced my first Kindle book, F8 and Been There. are the target audience, so I hope you enjoy it! Please use one of our affiliate links: Amazon US: Amazon UK: ...and search by title. It should...
  19. C

    Scotland with the X-Pro 2

    I thought I'd share a few of the landscapes/scenics I've taken on my travels over the last couple of weeks! 1. Glencoe!... needs no introduction! 2. Mirror Man in Loch Earn 3. Blackrock Cottage (cliche I know but I'd never taken the shot myself!) 4. Loch Goil Moonlight 5. Fidra...
  20. Lost


    A young lady stands examining a map in Lisbon. Well, it could be a map, or it could be a blackberry, apple or some other fruit-related electronic device. Anyway, she's lost. I think.