1. C

    Getting ready for my annual trip to the American Southwest.

    My normal travel gear has been my trusty Gx85 (took a Gx8 one year, but the IBS was so much better on the Gx85 I changed), Pany 14 & GWC1 (Makes it a 10.5mm according to my PL8-18mm) and the Oly 75-300II. I was thinking about taking my G9II or Gh6, but after looking at my Gx85 images for the...
  2. iSilentP

    Travel From a recent trip to Meteora in Greece - June 2023

    From a recent trip to Meteora in Greece - June 2023 Had the pleasure of visiting my home country this past summer. Took the opportunity to visit the historic Meteora site where more than 500 years ago, monks built 24 Eastern Orthodox monasteries atop inaccessible peaks in this part of central...
  3. W

    Critique Wanted Recent trip to Sabi Sands

    Went for a quick 4 day trip to Elephant Plains. Well 4 days is very short from the Highlands of Scotland but an overnight flight to Jo'burg makes it easier. However BA delaying the flight by 15 hours when we were standing at boarding gate with our passes ready to board is just a pure and utter...
  4. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Weston-Super-Mare Trip

    Went to the Photography Show on the 20th June 2023 at Weston-Super-Mare and it was my first time there. A lot of very interesting architecture and a mix of old and new buildings. The palm trees reminded me of my time living in Sicily and how much I miss living near the coast. A very...
  5. Taneli

    Kayak trip Bohuslän - Summer 2023

    So it was finally time for the annual kayak trip with my colleagues. We use to do a trip every year, just before vacation. This time it was once again in Bohuslän, in the sea outside Gothenburg. Three days, friday afternoon to sunday lunchtime. Two overnights in tent and food on gas stoves...
  6. Taneli

    Trip to Tenerife

    Some ago I bought a travel zoom. Thought it could come in handy on vacation trips where you want convenience and not change lens often. The days of between christmas and new year was the time. We went to Tenerife for one week. Have visited most of the canary islands but not Tenerife so it was...