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    Fuji FEISOL Tournament Tripod CT-3442 Rapid

    Has anyone had any experience with the above tripod. Since I converted totally over to Fuji with the XT-2 from Nikon 810 I am searching for a new tripod. I need one that allows me the convenience of a carbon fiber that is great for travel and all around use. The height of this tripod without...
  2. SiJ 2015 - Day 15

    SiJ 2015 - Day 15

    Haven't picked up the camera for a few days. An unflattering selfie shot in IR and processed to give a grungy look. Reflects my recent mood and the slack facial muscles of a person with Parkinsons. Mood is on the way up again. :)
  3. SiJ 2015 - Day 12

    SiJ 2015 - Day 12

    A couple of members have posted book-shelf images so I thought I'd try using infrared. First shots using built-in flash were disappointing so went for window light and used a tripod (1/8 sec at F2.5). Books with a lot of red in the cover are overexposed and have little detail.
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    You see the "Rathaus" in Hamburg.
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  6. tripod ballhead

    tripod ballhead

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