1. Alf

    Fuji The trouble with gear, once.

    You know you have a problem when the shiny new gear looks very much like the shiny old one. Or not: case in point, my old GX9 was afraid of the dark, even with good lenses, and I jumped ship looking for a sensor to follow what I like to shoot. So this week I went to evening time concerts...
  2. drd1135

    Trouble reading CF cards

    I bought a 32 GB CF card (SanDisk) and a UGREEN multi-card reader: The D700 works just fine, but I can't read the cards. The card reader does just fine with SD cards on my PC at work and on my Mac...
  3. drd1135

    B&H in tax trouble
  4. Matero

    Feedback Changing avatar pic seems troublesome

    Hi Amin, I don't know whether I've found a bug in the software or it is related to my browser/OS in my computer. I tried to change my avatar picture and can't do that, so it seems. Symptoms: First I tried to change the pic with Safari browser, just selected new picture to be used as avatar...