1. Brownie

    First True Outing With Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D (image heavy) (seewhatIdidthere?)

    CURSE YOU @gryphon1911!!! The Maxxum 7D thread was more than I could stand. I kept an eye out for one but found nothing local and was reluctant to order one from eBay. Checked KEH every day, and a few days ago there it was! A Konica-Minolta Maxxum 5D. Same 6MP CCD sensor, same anti-shake, a...
  2. gryphon1911

    First True Outing With Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D (image heavy)

    Also known everywhere else on the planet outside the USA as the Dynax 7D. Had posed the question about getting this in another thread. Decided to snag it, since it was still at the camera shop when I returned...
  3. drd1135

    True APS-C Flagship

    I was looking at Thom Hogan's website and he mentioned the possibility of a companies releasing an APS-C flagship in 2022. Definitely Fuji (X-H2), and maybe Sony, Nikon, or Canon. I'm curious about the a market for such a thing, so I will consult the forum: 1. What features would such a camera...
  4. mike3996

    Canon Canon EOS R5: Big if True

    Judging by the preannouncement by Canon, the upcoming EOS R5 is looking to be a big player. I don't always see eye to eye with Canon wrt their lenses but I have to recognize their...
  5. true colors

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