1. mike3996

    Manual Lens Extension tubes for Nikon: confused about what is what

    PK, PN, M2... there are plenty of different tubes offered for Nikon F mount lenses. But this is my current understanding: PK tubes are Ai and won't really fit with pre-Ai lenses. PK tubes offer automatic aperture and pass aperture selection to the body. PN tubes are pre-Ai and offer/won't...
  2. Green Carpet

    Green Carpet

  3. Brimstone Moth

    Brimstone Moth

  4. Herb Robert

    Herb Robert

    The flower is about 0.7" (18 mm) across, and growing on the stone wall at the rear of my cottage.
  5. hatching White Ermine caterpillars

    hatching White Ermine caterpillars

  6. moth eggs (White Ermine?)

    moth eggs (White Ermine?)

  7. compound eye of Privet Hawkmoth

    compound eye of Privet Hawkmoth