1. Knikki

    Hello from a Wet Up North UK

    Hello. Yes it is wet in the UK again......Sometimes its not, but today it is. I met a fellow new memeber at the race track over the weekend Kae1 👋 who said to come over and have a look, so I did looks nice so thought I would pitch a tent and stick the coffee on (or tea :) ) At the moment I am...
  2. pdk42

    A few from Cambridge (UK)

    Despite living in or around Cambridge from about 1990 to 2011, it's some time since I went back there. But I had to collect my daughter from Stansted airport last week so grabbed a couple of hours to walk around. Late pm/early evening so not ideal light, but here you are... All taken with the...
  3. Fuji Son

    Hello from the Sunny South Coast UK

    Hi my name is Dave and I live with my wife and our Jack Chi Susie, we live on the South Coast of the UK here in East Sussex. I use to use Canon then switched to the Fuji X series, then last year during lock down I sold the lot and jumped to Sony Full Frame and kept my Fuji X100V hence why my...
  4. theoldsmithy

    UK coastal photography

    Another great set of photos in the Guardian here
  5. Lyceum Theater Sheffield UK from Raw

    Lyceum Theater Sheffield UK from Raw

  6. Lyceum Theater Sheffield UK from Jpeg

    Lyceum Theater Sheffield UK from Jpeg

  7. Queue