1. R

    Nikon Underwater Ptographer Resurrection

    i used to be an avid underwater photographer about 10years ago. I had a D300 and shot with Nikon lenses: 105mm2.8D; 60mm 2.8D; fisheye 16mm 2.8; 12-24 4G ED. If I got the D500 would the lenses I have, compromise the new technology of the D500 and how much? I will eventually get newer lenses.
  2. D

    Leica FlashAir with Leica X series

    Has anyone tried the Toshiba FlashAir memory card with any Leica for which it's compatible? What I'm learning is that a lot of the time I want to have my X-U underwater, but don't want to join it there. For example, if I'm on my kayak in a lake, I want to hold the camera underwater. If I join...
  3. D

    Leica Leica X-U Underwater Photo!

    Well, I have my X-U, and I really love it so far! As you may know from my earlier posts, I vowed to be one of the first people not connected with Leica to shoot underwater with the X-U, so I come to redeem my promise :). I'm not going to say this is a pretty image, but to my eye it shows an...
  4. mattia

    Sony Diving Raja Ampat, Indonesia with the RX100

    My girlfriend and I got back from our 3 week vacation in Indonesia almost a month ago, and I'm slowly getting around to sorting through the photographs. Used the RX100 for all the underwater stuff, and the A7r for everything 'topside'. We spent one week in Raja Ampat, in Papua, eastern...