1. Kevin

    Announcement Upcoming Server Maintenance

    Our server is due for an OS upgrade so some down time will be coming soon. It's good & bad -- good because we're overdue for the upgrade & I'm expecting some issues to be resolved but bad because upgrades always have the factor of uncertainty of how smooth it will go. The actual upgrade itself...
  2. Brownie

    Money watch heads up!

    Check your local credit unions. At least two here in MI are offering introductory CD rates. American One is offering 6% on a 1-year, only caveat is at least $1k in new money. I heard there's one in northern MI offering 7.1%. Beats letting it rot in some savings account.
  3. S

    Micro 4/3 Lens For Close Up Videography

    Hello everyone. I am going into videography of electronics circuits. I have a Lumix GH5 camera and am looking for a lens that will: Give a magnified image of the part, say 3X to 6X Has a depth of field of at least one inch. Be above the work piece by about 8 inches to afford some working room...
  4. JensM

    Nikon Enlighten me in regards of the Nikon DX system, from D300 and up. :-)

    After having picked up a couple of Nikon 1s, a V1 and a J4, I am quite a bit fascinated by the output of those tiny rascals, but I dont find the files very mallable, quite the opposite, they break easily but even broken gives some pleasure in the results, so there is that. I have also heard...
  5. kae1

    Micro 4/3 Is my shutter about to give up?

    Over the years I've had a stuck shutter on an EM1 Mki which needed a replacement and at the weekend I'm wondering whether my EM1 Mkii is sending me a warning. The following images were taken within minutes of each other - one that it is a bit of a surprise and the other what I was expecting...
  6. J

    FFB file??

    Went to back-up an on line checkbook and it was sent to a FFB file that I cannot open! Any clues would be greatly appreciated!!
  7. H

    Should I suck it up a pay for Lightroom Creative Cloud?

    I've been using stand alone classic LR 6 on a very old macbook air for quite some time. Using older cameras that were supported in the older LR6, I've managed to get by even though its a little slow rendering 1:1 full size previews. Space was limited on the older macbook air, so I'd often have...
  8. retiredfromlife

    Test Godox ML-CD15 Diffuser for Close Up Use

    In my quest for taking photos of small critters I am always trying to find better diffusion that creates less hot spots and shiny lines on legs, spiders heads etc. My latest diffuser to try is the Godox silicone ML-CD15 that comes with a few adaptors to suit godox 685, yongnuo 560 etc plus some...
  9. H

    Sony Help setting up and customising sony a7c!

    I've started playing around with the menu and interface on my sony a7c, just wondering if anyone has any tips on setting up and customising the camera. Any youtube tutorials or blogs would be great too! A few questions -How do I set a minimum shutter speed when in aperture priority mode? How...
  10. JensM

    Micro 4/3 New lens is up: Panasonic Leica 9mm f1.7 (Rectilinear).

    Micro43nerds review This one I think I will get! It would probably be a match made in heaven with the 14-140.
  11. Knikki

    Hello from a Wet Up North UK

    Hello. Yes it is wet in the UK again......Sometimes its not, but today it is. I met a fellow new memeber at the race track over the weekend Kae1 👋 who said to come over and have a look, so I did looks nice so thought I would pitch a tent and stick the coffee on (or tea :) ) At the moment I am...
  12. DM Larson

    Documentary Growing Up Bugs

    My daughter, Fiona, has always loved bugs. In 2011 at age 2 she's playing with a stink bug she found in a parking lot. In 2018 I got an 80mm macro and 1.4x TC for my Fuji and started photographing butterflies. Fiona became my butterfly buddy and I equipped her with an Olympus EPL-5 and...
  13. retiredfromlife

    Just Signed Up

    I just purchased a X-T4 and the 18-55 kit lens. Cant get other small zooms where I am currently, all out of stock till early 2022 I notice a few people from Mu-43 are here as well
  14. drd1135

    Ilford Pop Up Darkroom

    I'm waiting for the inflatable Darkroom/Bounce House combo. https://www.dpreview.com/news/1766516128/ilford-announces-pop-up-darkroom-darkroom-starter-kit-and-film-gift-calendar It's actually pretty neat.
  15. gryphon1911

    Dogs Nova All Grown Up Now

    I know she’s not completely grown yet, but she has taken the next step. Nova girl is going through her first heat cycle ever. she started spotting a bit ago, so now she is donning her diapers. She is taking it well, her mood has changed slightly but nothing major. the below picture is going...
  16. jyc860923

    Advice Wanted Do you brighten up photos for printing?

    I have my monitor and printer calibrated and the output from them match pretty well almost all the time. The problem is, I think, due to the more limited dynamic range of printing with my Epson L805, unless I'm viewing the photo with very good light source, low key photos usually don't look...
  17. mike3996

    Leica Generations apart: how does the 2004 Epson R-D1 hold up against modern tech?

    https://www.mpb.com/en-uk/blog/article/12520/ Before M I happened upon a nice deal on R-D1. I didn't take it because I was unsure about the platform. Now I have a bunch of M lenses and I could clearly envision myself going this direction for a more recreational body, not replacing a real Leica...
  18. B

    Feedback Images not showing up in mails

    Hi, Not all that important since I visit the forum anyway but since a while, the mails about new post no longer show the images. I supposed it would get fixed but it still persists.
  19. rflove

    Leica Close up photography (macro) with the M240

    So, I looked around in the lens cubicle and saw this old adapted lens... A Canon 50mm FD Macro and decided to play with it a bit... Here are a few shots taken with it and some shots taken of it. The images of the set up were taken with the CL and a M 50mm Summilux, love that lens... Anyway, one...
  20. SiJ 2015 Day 6 runners up

    SiJ 2015 Day 6 runners up

    Byrne & Carlson Chocolatier, Portsmouth, New Hampshire
  21. SiJ 2015 Day 6 runners up

    SiJ 2015 Day 6 runners up

    Book & Bar, Portsmouth, New Hampshire
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