1. John King

    Web site upgrade and image albums

    My web sites have now been moved to much more modern servers by my hosting provider, Vodien. Along with the usual cockups, and increased fees, of course. I have just completed the required update of my image album software and database. This required a complete rebuild of the database, among...
  2. emorgan451

    Nikon Z upgrade dilemma

    Hi all, I'm getting myself a bit wrapped around the axle trying to decide what to do next. I currently have Z6, Z 70-180 f2.8, Z 24-120 f4 S, Z 40 f2, AF-P 70-300 f4.5-5.6, AF-S 300 f4 D, and f mount TC's for the 300. I learned a month ago that have a bonus that I was not counting on coming...
  3. gryphon1911

    Pentax Talk me out of trading up to a Pentax KP

    Was reading through this thread: Pentax - Pentax KP And it got me thinking - as a side system I like Pentax as a DSLR. A little more so than the Nikon DSLRs in a relatively similar category. I was looking around and I can trade/sell my K-5 and K-3 for a KP. Seems like it would be a good...