1. mnhoj

    Fuji Showcase Viltrox Lenses

    The 75. I like the length and the aperture speed. Fit and finish clearly exceed the $549 msrp. Imagery too. AF needs more testing but so far it's smooth, fairly quick and accurate but does a little wiggle at the end. I think a firmware update could fix it and should come fairly quick. Viltrox is...
  2. jhawk1000

    Fuji Viltrox 85mm 1.8 Mark II on Fujifilm XT 2.

    I picked up a Fujifilm XT 2 last week and it did not have a lens. I bought an adapter and used my Nikon lenses with MF but I found a great deal on a used Viltrox Mark II 85mm f 1.8. Because I am new to Fujifilm, we had a little setback since I had the camera set on MF and finally found the...
  3. CatsAreGods

    Fuji So the Pony Express Passed Through This Morning...

    X-S10 / XF70-300 / XF16-80 / Viltrox 13mm