1. William Lewis

    Progress but still waiting impaitently

    As an aside, odorless - as in “Odorless Fixer” - is only odorless in comparison to some of the other versions out there 🤣 I was reminded of this as I mixed a gallon of D76 and a gallon of fixer tonight for the first time in far too many years. Cleaning the rest of the necessities and getting...
  2. AndyMcD

    Fuji Waiting (im)patiently for the 8mm f/3.5 announcement

    I’m assuming (hoping, actually) that the new UWA will be announced later this month in the Fuji summit. I’ll be really tempted by it if the price is reasonable and the specs look good. Otherwise it will be back to trying to find a decent Laowa 9/2.8 I think. It feels to me like this lens will...
  3. Tim Williams

    Animals Waiting on Breakfast

  4. SIJ - Day 23

    SIJ - Day 23

    I have something with lonesomeness. And especially people waiting alone.
  5. SIJ - Day 12

    SIJ - Day 12

    A seen I have been seeing the entire week, but tonight the light was like I wanted to see it.