1. drd1135

    Another Autumn Walk

    Another pleasant autumn walk. A rainy morning and a bright afternoon. I was playing with a new lens (85 1.8) and was getting used to the narrow DoF of FF with a short tele.
  2. drd1135

    Fuji Showcase Trying the 60 2.4 on a country walk

    A combination of closeups and longer range shots. Also, me remembering how shallow D0F can be with a macro.:p
  3. Keynedon Barton Farmhouse

    Keynedon Barton Farmhouse

  4. Distant view of Malston Barton Farm

    Distant view of Malston Barton Farm

  5. Sherford Down Farmhouse

    Sherford Down Farmhouse

  6. near Furze Cross

    near Furze Cross

  7. 1010125_1


  8. SIJ Day 7

    SIJ Day 7

    The weather is changing and of course took advantage of our daily walk for this one.
  9. let's walk

    let's walk

    let's walk
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