1. gryphon1911

    Documentary Portsmouth Flood Wall Murals

    The Portsmouth, Ohio Flood Wall Mural Project uses the floodwall that protects the town from river flooding as an outdoor mural space to depict the last 2 centuries of the town's history. https://portsmouthmurals.com/ There are a large number of murals that have ben documented by me here, so I...
  2. Mike G

    Berlin Wall Sections

    Three sections of the old Berlin Wall set up as a monument in Koblenz. G9 + PLeica 12-60 @ 1/800 f4 ISO200
  3. Chris2500dk

    Just put a very big print on my wall

    I decided it was time to redecorate the living room wall. It's an 8 metre wall with no windows or doors in it, and it's just begging for a big print. This is five 80x120cm (32"x48") canvas prints combined in a 400x120cm (13' by 4') panorama, and it looks awesome :) The source image is a single...
  4. davect01

    Birds Dove on my wall

    A6000 and 18-135mm Taken at different times throughout the day
  5. birds