1. SteveBrickNJ

    Easter Weekend at Seaside Heights NJ

    We were impatient for summer to arrive so we went to Seaside Heights NJ and walked around....went on the Ferris Wheel, etc. etc.
  2. TraamisVOS

    Crashed the car on the weekend.

    It had been raining heavily. I was going downhill on a road that I had travelled on many times. I wasn't speeding but as I was going around the gentle bend I started to feel the car lose traction for whatever reason. The car skidded sideways for maybe 100+ metres(?), smashed through the road...
  3. Panolyman

    Show: Your weekend

    We know we're all into photography and love taking pictures for the various fora and threads, however we may not know of each other's other interests. So, how about giving us some insight into what you are all about. Many of us are retired but I imagine most people indulge in their hobbies and...