1. SteveBrickNJ

    December visit to West Chester University

    December 9, 2023...West Chester University (Pennsylvania USA)
  2. G

    To the West Coast

    ...of Wales. We visit here frequently, an easy drive from our home in the middle of England. Wonderful scenery, amongst other attractions, such as narrow gauge railways! This shot is of the mainline railway bridge across the Afon Mawdach estuary, a train on the single line, the tide is out, and...
  3. Walter Palmer

    Micro 4/3 Morning fog. West Virginia, USA. 2021.

    Morning fog. West Virginia, USA. October 2021.
  4. Despair


    My wife and I fell in love with the bold pattern of the swirly chair when we first saw it. We also thought it would be great because the pattern would help to hide all the pet hair (2 dogs and 2 cats). What we failed to take into account was that Lucy would treat it as her personal dog bed every...