1. sasquatchphotog

    Willington Wetlands for beavers - Nr Derby, UK

    Hullo - had a few beers and feeling temporarily social. I've booked a week off work this coming week, and planning to go to Willington Wetlands, near Derby (https://goo.gl/maps/n8z4J3QA6MnuE3Rs9) to try and photograph some beavers one day w/c 04/09 - hopefully when not raining! Not sure how...
  2. Tony-B

    Birds Little Birds of the Viera Wetlands

    With all the larger birds and gators, sometimes these little guys don’t get any love. #1 #2 #3
  3. Tony-B

    Animals Gator @ Viera Wetlands

    Sunday morning visit to the Viera Wetlands. The intense stare was even more intimidating in person as he swam right at us, never breaking the intensity and came on shore within 3' of where we were standing, never taking his eyes off us.
  4. 07 July - Lonely cloud

    07 July - Lonely cloud

    I had to take a deviation on the way home late in the day to get inspiration and was pleasantly surprised with how this turned out.