1. Jonathan F/2

    Sigma The Sigma 15-30mm EX DG Lens - Revisiting modern vintage glass!

    Lately I've been researching all the various wide angle lenses you can get for a modern DSLR. After shooting mirrorless for awhile and witnessing the smallness and simplicity of compact M-mount wide angle glass, especially the Voigtlander 15mm f/4.5 Heliar lens, I've been searching for a DSLR...
  2. C

    Film Fuji Instax 500AF

    Here is one of first images from this camera, I used the wide colour pack as I wanted to finish it off, I am not a fan of the colour film as much as I am of the monochrome. No flash, the chapel was not well lit, the light was coming from a stain glass window above.
  3. D

    Images by iPhone 6s-plus using clip-on wide-angle lenses.

    I have an inbox full of unprocessed images, but although this one is very atypical, it's an interesting challenge for me. The OlloClip wide-angle lens has quite a bit of distortion, but getting more used to it, I'm making better use of its features - in this case some vignetting. The fortunate...
  4. Provincetown, Ma

    Provincetown, Ma

    Race point....
  5. Surf's up at Mattiscombe

    Surf's up at Mattiscombe

  6. death


    Dead tractor on an abandoned farm.
  7. Derelict Byre-black and white

    Derelict Byre-black and white

    Further reprocessing of my original SIJ - Day 16 entry
  8. A damp corner of the wild wood

    A damp corner of the wild wood

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