1. P

    Advice Wanted Mac, Windows or maybe linux?

    Hi good folks, could you give me some advice on ny next laptop... So today another letter from my keyboard loosened and I had to "tack-it" in place. It is a hero of the thinkpad variety (x270) bought refurbished a few years ago. It have lived a hard life with several cracks and dents. But with...
  2. Herman

    Mac Os - Windows

    Is Windows 10 and 11 as stable as Mac Os?
  3. bdbits

    Windows Image sizes, scaling, and Windows 11

    In recent years, the pictures people post to web communities have been getting bigger. Which in my opinion is generally a good thing, as I prefer to see larger images in general. But... most of the web hosting software being used for these sites does not make any attempt to adjust size to the...
  4. Kevin

    Windows Windows 11

    Well, now... I'm pretty sure Microsoft is just trying to rub it in at this point. 😒 Besides the fact that this is with a Dell XPS that still has years of life left in it (the i7-6700HQ more than meets the Win11 specs) , I already have the PC Heath Check app installed. You'd think that if...
  5. Brian

    Macrium Reflect, stand-alone Backup, and when Windows Repair Fails- "Unscheduled System Restore" I started using Macrium Reflect several years ago after making 512GByte FAT-32 disks that could dual-boot DOS and Windows XP for working on embedded systems. Figured out how to Defy Microsoft's artificial limits on FAT-32 drives, but it was not easy and took...
  6. MiguelATF

    Challenge! [WINNER Announced] Cameraderie Photo Challenge #37: Windows

    Start Date August 26, 2020 End Date September 18, 2020 This Cameraderie 37th Challenge theme is: WINDOWS. As usual, this challenge will consider originality, technical merit, and artistic vision. Windows are a part of our daily lives. As photographers, many of us have taken photographs of...
  7. Jock Elliott

    Why don't car windows have a safety feedback mechanism? (gross picture warning)

    As you might know, electric garage door openers have a fail-safe feedback mechanism that causes the door to reverse direction if it is closing and something is in the way. To my knowledge, electric car windows do not . . . and herein lies a tale. On July 19, 2020, at around 3 pm, my wife and I...
  8. Brian

    Windows 7 End-of-Life (or at least Microsoft Support)

    I'm one of those that waits until the last minute to perform a computer "upgrade", and have been running Win7pro on my main home computers. This month, Microsoft is ending support for Win7. When "WIN10" was new, Microsoft offered a free "upgrade". With some of the Win10 issues seen, I did not...
  9. CameraderieBot

    "Giveaway of the Day"

    The site "Giveaway of the Day" posts a link (nearly) daily with software deals. This this will be automatically updated with the current deal as they are posted! 👍
  10. Herman

    Which Operating System

    you like / use most? For phone, pc, wearable, tablet, etc. I got an i7 laptop computer (asus) running windows 10, using a 13 inch chromebook (toshiba) most. Looking forward to a pencil supported device for creating notes and sketches.
  11. Jock Elliott

    Luminar by Skylum

    Just downloaded Luminar for Windows beta from here: Luminar for Windows (beta) is live! Try it free today. So far, I find it is pretty interesting. With a couple of clicks, I was able to go from here: To this: The interface is a little like dealing with a mime -- little pictures and...
  12. Brian

    Windows Windows XP Updates for SP3- through 2019...

    Windows XP registry hack keeps security updates rolling for the dead operating system Old news, but new to me. I just tested this on an older XP machine- and got 53 updates. Nothing important on that machine, I just wanted to see what would happen. So- if Anyone NEEDS to run an XP machine on...
  13. Herman


    I have windows errors / issues at my pc, unfortunately again. Therefore I'm slow in posting. It just takes too much time time to fix windows time after time.
  14. J

    Fuji X-T1 tethering problem with WIN10

    Hi, I also try to ask on this forum. I used Lightroom tethering plugin (purchased from Adobe add-ons) several months without any problem. After upgrade to Win10 plugin does not recognize the camera and X-T1 itself freezes (until the USB cable is plugged in). Has anybody the same experience...
  15. Lawrence A.

    Windows Windows 10 Technical Preview: Anyone trying it out?

    I have a fairly old laptop, permanently connected to peripherals now, including a decent 23 inch monitor,that has become my new, "desktop" machine. It was originally an i3 HP G62 laptop that has served me very well. (I know some people hate them, but all my HP computers have done very well by...
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  17. Windowns 120

    Windowns 120

    Windows 120
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