1. TraamisVOS

    Winter is well and truly here in Australia.

    We don't get snow in Australia unless it's up a mountain somewhere in the southern parts of the continent.
  2. William Lewis

    Winter Morning Light

  3. Brownie

    Sony Sony's presence at the Winter Olympics

    Pretty impressive. I recall seeing something akin to this from the (delayed) summer games last year. Scroll to the bottom of the article and check out the author's Olympics kit. :hail: Click on the photo for an enlarged view and a list. 😮
  4. pdk42

    Charlecote Hall, Warwickshire in Lovely Winter Light

    Winter Light on Charlecote Hall by Paul Kaye, on Flickr
  5. DM Larson

    A Beautiful Winter Morning

    After almost a week of snow I was able to get out Yesterday morning to get some pictures. The first are looking across farmland near Ashton, Idaho towards the Teton Mountains. The rest are in Island Park, Idaho near Warm River.
  6. TNcasual

    Winter Fungus Portraits

    A few days ago my son went for a walk in a local county park. He came back with several phone shots of mushrooms. It has been a warm winter so far, so the fungi have been taking advantage and coming out all over. It took me a few days, but I finally had some time to go out to the park...
  7. wt21

    Micro 4/3 Early Winter evening walk

  8. Jock Elliott

    Canon Sometimes winter is just astonishingly beautiful

    And, oh yeah, the G12 still rocks! Happy New Year to all. Cheers, Jock
  9. William Lewis

    Last gasp of Winter

    In Wisconsin, in March, you can be sure of exactly one thing: there will still be at least one more good snowfall. It tried the other day... Grey gloom in the snowfall of a late afternoon.
  10. William Lewis

    Critique Wanted Local Late Winter

    Still getting used to the new to me Nikon D3200. I was originally looking for images to convert to black and white but today was so beautiful and sunny that the colors just are too good to give away. Thoughts on them are appreciated.
  11. CraigC

    Winter walk

    Went for a nice winter walk with the family last weekend. In a beautiful forest of trails with the snow falling.
  12. merlin

    Lichens in Winter

    X-T2, 16-80mm f/4
  13. Bobby Tingle

    Fun winter portrait

  14. merlin

    Winter Tree

  15. Jock Elliott

    Winter Wonderland

    Fresh, clingy snowfall this AM. From the HX400V: From the GX85: Cheers, Jock
  16. L

    Fuji Winter, through my window...

    It's been a dreary winter here in the NW of England. Grey skies of low-hanging cloud, bare-branched trees, dull light with not a shadow being cast, and a grey river flowing past our apartment. So when I fling open the curtains and find the sun has made a showing I grab the camera and snap a...
  17. Grotto


    One from the D-Lux 4 - Painshill Park in Winter
  18. July 03 - Footprints in the sand

    July 03 - Footprints in the sand

    Another one from the weekend at the beach and another lovely winter's day.
  19. wintertime


  20. wintertime