1. doobs

    Workflow revisited

    Good morning all, My workflow has evolved over the years. Currently, thanks to the inadequacies of cataloging in Capture One, my workflow is such: Ingest using LightRoom. My three Fuji's are all supported by LR v6.14, so I use this, pretty much as I've done since I bought it to ingest photos...
  2. mnhoj

    Workflow 2020

    I have to admit, with 15 years of digital photography I've never really honed a workflow. I used Lightroom to sort and develop and once in a while I'd finish in Photoshop or a plugin like NIK or Luminar, etc. When Adobe went subscription only, I wandered off to try and find something else but...
  3. agentlossing

    Film Minimalist Monobath Development Workflow?

    Hey, I have zero experience developing film, but it has gotten to the point where no one remotely close to my rural area develops on site, and sending film off to higher quality development houses is cost prohibitive. I would still like to shoot some film, though, and I'm thinking about trying...
  4. Velvia

    Fuji A Simplified Photo Workflow

    Hi Folks, I'm relatively new here but wanted to share a blog post I just finished on a simplified workflow I've developed over the last few months, using a photo browser for metadata/asset management, a focus on the file system, plus multiple editing tools including MacPhun's latest, Luminar...