1. Alf

    GAS Dear all, what should I want?

    (moved from here, where you can find the fullsize images) I am in that curious situation where I managed to give in to lust one year ago, at the painful cost of ten year of accumulated gear in the lovely micro 4/3 - I wanted sensor, I wanted available light, and for my sins I got my wishes in...
  2. Alf

    Street In the grit of urban life (image heavy and a little extreme ;) )

    A short while ago I had a playful morning, dropping the sigma 56mm attached to my x-e4in my bag and nothing else, decided to ignore architecture and to devote to the strong characters of vibrant, deep, real urban life. Or else. But first a man has to eat. And what are we without a glass of...
  3. Alf

    Nature Gathering courage

    I’m not a nature guy, but others are - and here I am walking uphill in the middle of it, although a manicured version of it: the Burcina natural reserve, courtesy of the Piacenza cashmere overlords.. I decided to add courage to courage and got out with the cute TTartisan 23mm f/1,4 to see if I...
  4. Alf

    Fuji Shooting therapy into town

    You know, it seems I am at it again - as I write this, the forum suggests me three threads from 2011-2013 from yours truly. After a much needed sleep I woke up surrounded by the Feline Elements, noticed it was too late for a stroll in Florence and decided to play nearer to the west. You know...
  5. Alf

    Architecture Been there, done that. A tale of redoing things

    As you might remember we all witnessed the Second Coming of the X-E4, manifesting itself from the delights of the refurbished website of That Larger Congolomerate. This event, complemented by the celebrated arrival of a used 15-45, implied that the Little Berlin Trip was to be a shared affair -...
  6. Alf

    Fuji Cropping on my way out

    So we are out there for a walk, it's good for your health ugly weather or not, and it's also true. Then she says Look over there! And all I got was my 16mm to play with. actually, it was this one processed and cropped with Lr on my phone, then enhanced on Lr CC and resaved on the Mac to...