1. R

    A walk near Zeist, The Netherlands.

    We walked in this afternoon in the area of Zeist, The Netherlands. There are some amazing manors out there. Here are two. Wulperhorst_1 by Rene Bijleveld Wulperhorst_2 by Rene Bijleveld Blikkenburg by Rene Bijleveld
  2. Adam Bonn

    X-Pro1 & XF35/1.4: Mercado do Bolhão and a Trip Into Porto Town

    Just some snaps from my trip into town! The Stairs into the Market! Stuff. In bags. For Sale. Pork based produce and sausages isn't just a Spanish thing! A Mountain of Cherries! Frankly.... It's all tat! In prep for today's São João (23/6) celebrations Church of Saint Ildefonso...
  3. Adam Bonn

    My First Ever 'Explored' Photo!

    After 8 years of being on Flickr... I finally got an image 'explored'! I mean don't get me wrong... yay a computer algorithm likes my work! I've been published, I've placed well in competitions and I've been paid for photography... but despite lots of Flickr images, over lots of years (and...
  4. Adam Bonn

    Fuji The X-Pro1, Still Perfectly Valid!

    If anyone is interested... I'm writing about my lust/hate/love affair with the X-Pro1 on my blog! I'm serialising the story (part two is due tomorrow!) My Love Affair with the Fujifilm X-Pro1 As well as this story, there's many shots taken with the X-Pro1 and some with the XT1. Mods...