1. Dave Jenkins

    Fuji Custom Settings on X-T1, X-T20

    On my (now departed) Canon 6D, there were two positions on the top left dial marked, as I remember, C1 and C2. Turning to either of these brought up a specific group of settings. It was much quicker than reconfiguring the camera when I wanted to change into, say flash, mode. Is there any way to...
  2. Velvia

    Mountain and Desert Scapes

    Over Thanksgiving I traveled down US395 and the Eastern Sierras, visited ancient thousand-year-old Bristlecone Pines, desert zoos, plus Joshua Tree NP. Some images: DSCF5161-BristleConePineForest by efchan, on Flickr Ancient Bristlecone Pine exudes lots of character by efchan, on Flickr...
  3. C

    Birds Ferruginous Hawk...BIF with the X-T1 and XF100-400

    didn't see much that I wanted to shoot but this FH cooperated by taking off and soaring around...
  4. T

    Fuji X-T1 vs Pro2 and remote shutter control

    I've got the Cable/USB thing and used to test - and not /never more. compared to an old wire type, the USB is bulkier, increases the cameras size considerabile and opens up for foture contact issues. (so I've gonna try a radios controlled one) The new Pro2 has a wire control if don't see wrong...
  5. J

    Fuji X-T1 tethering problem with WIN10

    Hi, I also try to ask on this forum. I used Lightroom tethering plugin (purchased from Adobe add-ons) several months without any problem. After upgrade to Win10 plugin does not recognize the camera and X-T1 itself freezes (until the USB cable is plugged in). Has anybody the same experience...
  6. D

    Fuji Face-detect autofocus performance: X-T1 vs X100T

    Hi everyone, I've had an X100S for a while that I really enjoy, but it would be more useful to me if it had face-detect autofocus, primarily because I take pictures of, wait for it, people. So, I'm thinking of grabbing a newer model that does have it. What I'm wondering is, if I were to equip...